Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why I'll gladly suffer...

As Crossfitters, we voluntarily put ourselves through some very painful things. We have calluses gallore, cuts on our legs, bruises from various assorted bars, bells, and implements, and let's not forget, whiplash and rope burn from the ropes. Voluntarily we go through this pain and suffering just to make ourselves better atheletes. But sometimes we wonder if all the pain and suffering is really worth it. Sometimes we wonder if it helps at all. Sometimes we wonder if we should continue to do these things to ourselves. But, on days like today, as CrossFitters, we will gladly suffer. We will suffer because we know that the answer to that question of whether it helps at all, is most definitely YES. Today, our pain and suffering during a workout most definitely made a difference. Maybe not to us, but definitely to other people. I GLADLY suffered today, because I knew I was helping someone else.

Today, CFOT and many affiliates, some not even in the United States, performed the Lumberjack workout to honor the fallen victims of the Fort Hood tragedy, and also to raise money for their families. To me, this exemplifies what CrossFit is all about. There is a sense of community that transcends ages, religions, sexes, occupations, miles, and in some cases even countries. The people in the CF community wanted to help, and they did. I LOVE that I know that despite the fact that it was not THEIR military community that was affected by this tragedy, there were CF affiliates in Canada performing this Wod today. Today, our suffering did make a difference. At CFOT alone, our suffering helped to raise over $1,000 for the families of those who fell on that tragic day. I GLADLY suffered through that wod, and I'd do it again for the same result.

While we are all decorating Christmas trees and lamenting holiday Christmas shopping, there are families whose holiday season will not be as bright. They are suffering the loss of a loved one while we are not. They are battling a pain far worse than anything CrossFit could ever reign down upon us as athletes. But today, today we suffered so that perhaps their holiday will be a little bit better, a little bit brighter, at least maybe their financial burden eased slightly by our own pains. The bottom line here though remains that our pain is temporary, and theirs will take a much longer time to heal. I feel for those families right now, and the immense sense of loss that I'm sure they are experiencing but I'm proud that the CrossFit community stepped to the plate and did what they could to help. I'll gladly suffer to help members of this community who are in need. After all, CrossFit has given so much to me, it's nice to know I can help CrossFit give back to someone else. The spirit of Christmas is giving right? That spirit lives all year long within the CF community, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

The Lumberjack 20
To Honor the Fallen of the Fort Hood Tragedy
20 Deadlifts 175lbs/400 M run
20 KB swings 53lbs/400 M run
20 OHS 95lbs/400 M run
20 Burpees/400 M run
20 Pull-ups Chest 2 Bar/400 M run
20 Box jumps 24"/400 M run
20 squat cleans 95lbs/400 M run

Total time: 50:58

I don't think I really needed to scale the weight up today. I think I would have been just fine with the women's weights... silly me and my brilliant ideas. I guess though that I suffered more, and that was the point after all.


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