Monday, December 14, 2009

Strict Press X 1

Despite my love of putting heavy things over my head, the strict press and I, well we're not BFF's. We sort of have this, well CORDIAL, relationship. We don't really hang out, we don't go get Starbucks. We're cool if we pass each other at the box, we chat now and again, but we're certainly not going to go out of our way for each other. We don't exchange birthday or Christmas gifts... we're just not tight like that.

But, I mean, I'm cool with that because you see, jerk, OHS, snatch and I... we've got a pretty good thing going. We're a pretty tight knit bunch. I really don't NEED anyone else in my life, but strict press and I, we get along a'ight. :P

Part of the reason being that you know, I'm just not feeling strict press. I don't get really excited about it. It's hard to feel excited when you stand and press. Not to knock strict press, shoulder strength IS important, but it's not as fun, not as flashy as my close friends, snatch, jerk, and OHS. They're just a far cooler crowd, so I tend to roll with them and not strict press. But regardless, strict and I see each other from time to time. Today being one of those times. We hit some strict press X 1 and I walked out with a new PR. It wasn't flashy or fancy, but it got the job done. After that, I stuck around a bit to play with my jump rope because I haven't been working my double unders the way I should. *hangs head* Oh... But regardless, strength gains are coming... now if only I could stop eating Chrstmas cookies... YAR!

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Mark said...

I heart the strict press. It is my one true love.