Friday, December 4, 2009

Today's laugh...saving the worms!

On my way in the building this morning, I saw a worm on the sidewalk had an attack of an old memory that made me smile despite my foul self. When we were young, my sisters and I noticed that after heavy rains the worms would all be on the sidewalks. As an adult I understand now that that has to do with the saturation of the soil with excess rain water and blah blah blah but back then, we didn't get that. All we knew was that the worms were on the sidewalk and they were supposed to be in the ground. We were always very concerned that people would step on them and kill them so we would always go on a mission after all the heavy rains and "save the worms". We would go up and down the sidewalk removing all the worms from the sidewalk and putting them back in the grass. We remained completely stymied when we had finished and turned around to see worms on the sidewalk back where we had started, but we would diligently go back and put them back in the grass where they belonged. Clearly, we didn't understand but our hearts were in the right place. With all the rain we've had lately and the cool temperatures, the ground has been pretty soggy. While coming in this morning I saw several worms and was inclined to save them, but figured they were better off without my help. Who says we don't learn anything as we get older? :P


Tom Bailey said...

You have some impressive workouts on here. I do some crossfit. The worm photos were VERY funny thanks for sharing them.

Katie said...

No problem Tom! Thanks for reading. :)

Christine said...

still owe you a coffee and now perhaps a worm story of my own..