Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm over my head... like that cable car song!!!

Oh I love putting heavy things over my head!!! I love it, I love it! I love, love, love it!!!!!! Seriously, if there was a group on Facebook for this, I'd totally be a fan!!!! This would show up in your news feed:

"Katie is now a fan of 'Putting heavy things over her head'"

Seriously. Maybe I should start the group. Can I do that? I think I might do that... this brings me to blogus interuptus(I think it's the ADHD again, I think I caught it from my kids, I think it's contagious)... if you are blurking (lurking around my blog) and you haven't friended me on FB why the frig not? I am a FB CF friend whore. I will admit it. I love having CF friends on FB. So, go do it!!! Not NOW!!! After you're done reading my blog. Geeeeeez!

So anyway, back to putting things over my head. I enjoy it. Very muy mucho. So yesterday was OHS X 1. My previous max was 150. I hit that in May right around my birthday. My jerk PR has grown leaps and bounds in the last few months, so I was really stoked to go in and hit this wod. I have to say, I was more than a little disappointed. I had a number in my head that I was shooting for and I fell short of that number. I really was hoping for 170. 10lbs shy of my jerk max, I figured that would be doable for an OHS. But, I had a LOT of trouble with the jerk (yes you may laugh at that statement... it is rather funny) and even with the "spot" that Jerry was giving, I just couldn't nail down 165. I was having a hard time stabilizing. I mean, I can't imagine why it would be hard to stabilize 165lbs, but whatevs.... so I had to drop to 160 and without a spot I got the jerk up, stabilized it, and then squatted it. It wasn't pretty but I got it up. You can check it out at this FB link.

I don't know why the jerk was so troublesome. I think honestly part of it was that I didn't know how to split jerk from behind the neck. I was honestly scared to go straight up in a regular jerk, and I was afraid to commit to the split. Regardless though, pretty or not, I got it up there and got it done. *Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat* I did good! :)

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