Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Friday...

It seems like it's been forever since a first Friday. January felt like a VERY long month. But I like first Friday. It's an opportunity to choose any hero or girl workout that we want and have at it. Due to the snowpocolypse this weekend I didn't have school yesterday, and I decided to sleep in and go to a later class. Although the snow hadn't started yet, everyone was anticipating something BIG. Jerry had planned to cancel the PM classes, and with the snow scheduled for a late morning hit, I figured I'd better get in at 0915.

So I stopped at the store on the way to the box to try to pick up some provisions so I could be prepared for the snowpocolypse, but they were OUT. How could they be out of cider? No one but ME drinks that stuff.... but apparently someone else does. So I went off to the box to hit a wod and figured I'd try Trader Jose's after my WOD.

So since last month was just an open gym due to the new year, it'd been two months since meeting my regular hero choice, "Josh". I decided it was time for a rematch. CFOT was PACKED due to the snow and closures, so I decided to wait a smidge until the floor was a little clearer and then I hit the bars. Josh for those of you who don't know looks like this.

21-15-9 OHS
42-30-18 Pull-ups

I'm not sure if I was just tired or what, but the pull-ups felt like poo today, and the OHS were all done without breaking, but man, they weren't pretty. I am strong, so I held out, but my shoulder stability was poop. I managed a pretty significant PR, but I would have felt better about it had my form been better. Regardless though, I did this in 8:02, which is more than a minute off my previous best time which I believe is 9:08. I will have to go look. After I was done though, my forearms were fried and I was whooped. I decided to cuddle.

After cuddle time, I was on a mission. I decided to walk to Trader Jose's so I wouldn't have to fight the traffic madness. I was glad I did because it was a zoo! But guess what!?!?! They had just stocked my jerky AND just got a shipment of my beer (well cider) and so I was all set! I picked up my final provisions and headed home to settle in for the big snow. If you don't live in DC or haven't been following, we are currently getting pummeled with about 30 inches of snow. I'm diggin' it. I'm fine staying home and doing indoor things. Not everyone in this area is, but oh well. I'm good to go. I just don't want to shovel my car. UGH. Having a man for that would be helpful... ;) :P

I don't suspect I'll be back in school for a few days... so more box wods and more training could be on the plate for next week. And stay tuned also... I may have a new 2nd job (cross your fingerss!) to fill you all in on next week too. Bring on the snowpocolypse... oh ps... more snow scheduled for Tues/Wed and next Sunday too... it's going to be a looooooonnnnnngggg school year! :P

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