Friday, February 26, 2010

Wednesday's WOD: My Hero: Josh

It wasn't a First Friday today, but I got to do Josh! Josh is my absolute favoritest workout at CF ever. I'm not sure why, because it's kind of like Fran and it makes you want to cut off your forearms rather than experience the burning pain, but I actually enjoy it. I think this means there's something wrong with me, aside from the addiction to glitter and shiny things.... Ooooh! Something shiny! :P

Anyway, there really isn't much I can say about Josh that I haven't already said before. For me this is just a fun workout to hit. Because of all the crazy insaneo work stuff, I decided to sleep in and hit night classes for the end of this week. Working over 90 hours last week really just depleted my energy, so I felt like sleeping in for a few extra winks was more important than trying to get in at my normal time. So, I rolled into the box for the 1715 class, and away we went.

Josh for those of you who don't know is as follows.

21-15-9 OHS (65lbs)
42-30-18 Pull-ups

Now, this was not the best Josh I think I could have done. Honestly. I was breaking the pull-ups into really small chunks, and honestly, I dropped the bar on 15's. That NEVER happens to me. I can usually bang out the OHS without a problem. To be honest though, 65 is so light for me that I wasn't tight and I wasn't doing a good job of keeping active shoulder. That little tidbit bit me in the but because my shoulders fatigued (well I was already fatigued) and then I dropped. Bingo bango. Regardless thoguh, even with that little slip, I still PR'd by :20. It just makes me wonder what would happen if I could ever actually do a perfect run through. You know, where you feel great and you feel like the wod is just plain easy? You know... in a perfect world... where you're not sore or tired or anything like that. Just makes me wonder... I guess since I just did this I can't do it for First Friday this month though.... damnit! Now what will I do? :P I guess I'll actually have to pick something different... awwwwwww.....

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