Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday: Push press and metcon

In order to get more strength work in, but not lose our metabolic work, Jerry has been slating two wods on certain days. He's giving us a 20 minute time limit to work up to a heavy single, double, triple of whatever movement we're focusing on that day, and also still leave time to get a metcon in. Yesterday we started off by focusing on a 1 RM in the push press. I like doing overhead work, but for some reason the push press just doesn't light my fire. Neither does the strict press really. I understand that both of them are important and necessary for getting stronger etc, but neither one of them really make me go wow! That was fun!

But, since I get to lift heavy things over my head, I really shouldn't complain. We worked up pretty fast to a heavy single, and I was able to increase my previous PR of 135 to 140. I think I may have had 145 in me, but of course that time limit gets you every time! After that we moved into a short but pretty brutal metcon. It was

4 rounds of
1 minute on each station for max reps
Record total reps of
Box jumps

Melissa encouraged anyone who was trying for a pull-up PR to start with pull-ups. Now, I know I just got done having myself a push press PR and that's a lot of shoulders and what have you, but I thought what the hey. I haven't actually tried for a pull-up PR in awhile, so I'll give it a whirl. So I started with pull-ups and increased by 1. Not a big pull-up PR, but it's still a PR. My current pull-ups stand at 27. I def think I have 30, but on 25 I adjusted my grip and totally lost my rhythm. Next time I need to wait until I absolutely have to to adjust my grip so I don't lose the momentum. I really sucked wind on the box jumps and didn't do well with them at all, but did ok on the sit-ups. My total numbers were 70, 50, and 117. Not great, but not bad. Clearly more metcon work is still needed. I'm getting very frustrated by that, but if I use the word "frustrated" one more time in a blog this week, I may have to flag myself for overusage of the word. As a side note, this made 4 wods this week, and I plan on going in today, which means I'm going to hit 5 this week. This will be the first 5 wod week in a long time.

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Jerry Hill said...

Congrat's on the PR's Katie!!