Friday, February 19, 2010

Katie on fashion: Glitter is good!

I don't think it's been any secret that I have a certain affinity for glitter. I like shiny things, what can I say? But for as many comments as I get about my 'big liftin' I probably get just as many about my outfits. A few folks have gone so far to ask me why? Why is a workout outfit important and why all the glitter and color? They've grown even a little concerned as they've seen some of the outfits I was considering wearing for sectionals.

So what's the answer to that question? Why do I leave my house with oufits that match my socks and shoes that could potentially blind someone?(Ok, they really can't, but there is quite a bit of sparkle) Real reason? It's FUN. CrossFit is hard. Duh. Sometimes I burn out, sometimes I get tired, sometimes I just don't want to do it, but looking down and seeing bright colors and shiny things can be a bit of a pick me up. Sort of like the same reason you paint a baby's room a calming color, that's why I wear crazy colors and glittery shoes. They're fun, and bright colors have been known to induce happiness. They have also been known to induce seizures but that's not the point. Happiness is the point. I know to some people it sounds weird, but my shoes make me smile. My socks that have Animal the Muppet on them, make me smile. Some days it just helps get me through. Now, that's not to say that every day at the box I'm using my outfits to pick up my spirits because I'm in a lousy mood... no certainly not, but I do also just genuinely like them.

I don't think it's been any secret, especially since I swear I've said it 8,000 times, that this year has probably been the roughest year I've had since moving to VA. It just seems that it's been an endless stream of things that just have bogged me down, mostly work related. Sometimes, I lose that normal happy Katie, and sometimes I need to find little ways to bring her back. Wearing fun stuff, that makes me smile. It makes me forget a little bit about the day I've had, the stuff I have going on. I can't say it makes it 'all good' but it helps for that little bit I'm at the box. And sometimes, it gets me there. What do I mean? Well think about this for a second.

Ocassionally, ok, FINE, all the time, I'm one of those people who buys new things and HAS to wear them. And there have been ocassions where I've bought new socks, or new shorts, or a new shirt, and because of this, I now have a new outfit to wear. So since I really want to wear it, I make doubly sure I get to the box. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I also KNOW that there are people out there right now going, oh, I've so done that. You KNOW it. You buy something, whatever it is, and you go do whatever it is specifically for because you just bought it and want to wear it or use it. I'll bet, I'll BET you, serious money, that the #1 thing people do that with is running shoes. As soon as you get those new shoes, you gotta go run. And if you have shoes you really like, you'll probably run a little more now that you have shoes you really like. Am I wrong? Especially if they're something like Vibrams. You say, "Oh, I've got to go test out my Vibrams."

That's all my outfits are for me. It's like having that new pair of shoes. I really like them, so I want to wear them. It helps keep me going in the box, and sometimes, when I really need it to, it helps to get me TO the box. I've found that it's hard to be down and dreary when you're running around with the words 'bad ass' written on your legs or perhaps, when you have a Muppet on you, or my personal favorite, my fruit socks! How can you be grouchy and down and lift poorly when you're covered in FRUIT?!?! I think it must be impossible. So, maybe to you the glitter seems excessive and maybe the fruit seems weird. You may ask how could a serious CrossFitter even CONSIDER leaving the house like that? Well, for me, it's easy, I just do. Cause it's fun. And sometimes, we all need a little more fun in our lives. Especially me. I spend about 80 hours of my week working. Sometimes I've got to find little ways to make things fun so that I don't lose my ever loving mind.

Perhaps if you don't like my glitter shoes, you should go get a pair of your own and see what happens.... I'm just sayin'.... I guarantee you'll be a happier lifter. Glitter is good, and I think there should be more of it, and socks, in the box!

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