Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't you go any faster?!?! I thought I was going faster?!?!?

Is anyone else a fan of the Princess Bride? I love that movie. I seriously had this on VHS and I watched it so much, I WORE the tape OUT. Seriously. I did. I love the part where they're they're climbing the Cliffs of Insanity and they're yelling at Fezzik for not going faster when he's climbing with himself and two other people. Vizzini says, "Can't you go any faster?" and Fezzik replies with "I thought I was going faster." Classic.

That's sort of how I felt today. We did 1RM front squats in 20 minutes and then did some interval work on the rower. I felt like I was rowing faster, but I was not going anywhere.... both literally and figuratively. Cause well, a rower doesn't move... duh! :P

But anyway, we did 8 X :40 max meters on the rower with 2 minutes rest in between the rounds. I felt like I was flying and pulling really hard, but by the 5th round of this, I was pretty smoked. Nothing smokes me more than a rower. Through the 8 intervals I thought I hung in pretty well, until we started putting numbers on the board and mine was less than a lot of the other ones.... boo. I think my total (If I'm remembering correctly) was 1,756. I'm not positive on that though, so don't quote me.

Rowing = who lot of suck. Period. Ze end!

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Emily said...

That video was awesome. Awesomely hilarious.