Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday's WOD: Deadlifts and ring dips = no bueno

This workout barely warrants a mention on my blog... that's how bad it was. I got halfway through and wanted to DNF like nobody's business. I was tired when I started and the WOD didn't help. A rest day would have been a better idea for me, but well, I was there and if I was there, then I needed to get it done. I gritted through, but it was by no means pretty. I had to go to a band partway through the wod, and THAT frustrated me more than anything. The wod went like this...

Deadlifts (175)
Ring dips

Deadlifts are already a goat for me because of the issues I have with core tension and rounding on a touch and go wod, and then you throw in the dips where I have to move my bodyweight, and you have a recipe for disaster. No, I'm serious. Melissa just left me alone because she saw how angry and upset I was. There was no hope of finishing this quickly. It became quickly more of a mental fight. I was pissed about going to a band after the 6's because I just felt like that wasn't something I should do, but honestly? I was fatigued and I couldn't lock out any more dips. It was a very frustrating feeling, especially with sectionals right around the corner. I guess clearly I should have been more worried about my deadlifts and dips than my double unders.

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