Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The snow is still here, it's not going anywhere, but finally, FINALLY after a week+ off, I got to go back to school! Well, minus the kids, but I got to go to work. So, it was back to normal schedule for me and at 0515 14 folks were rockin' the wod, despite the federal holiday.

Jerry threw out ANOTHER wod that was pretty leg intensive and I gotta tell you, I was STILL feeling those back squats and lunges. I mean, I know back squats can cure cancer and all, but they're also a pretty good at destroying your ass. I mean, literally destroying your ass. My glutes were SO tight at work over the weekend, I can't even tell you how funny I looked trying to walk around. I think I would liken it to a duck, but I'm not 100% sure of that. I'll confer with the co-workers and get back to you on that.

Anyway, more legs, more destruction, more flying chalk. Of course it was a good day! :P Jerry's evil metcon looked like this...

3 rft
350 row
10 power snatch (85lbs)


Now, 85 lbs is not a terribly heavy snatch for me, but when your legs aren't giving you a stable base because they kind of have that Jello feel, it certainly makes power snatching 85 a smidgen difficult. The first round of 10 I was so tight that all 10 were done as singles, which def slowed me down. Rounds 2/3 though I was able to tie about the first 4 reps together and then move to doubles or singles. The second 2 rounds felt much better than the first. I was really movin' slow and hurtin after the bs, and my double at other work on Sunday, so that first round was pretty painful. But rounds 2/3 I loosened up so that helped a lot. I feel like I didn't really rest much here at all, there were a few times where my hands hit my knees for a second, but aside from that I really didn't rest much at all. I really tried to fly through and I'm a little disappointed that this wasn't closer to 9 minutes than 10. But since I dropped all that first round, I guess that really killed my time... more metcon... need need need need need more metcon, but I'm taking a rest day today because my legs can't handle it.

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