Saturday, March 22, 2008

Am I old enough for a broken hip?

Ok... I'm 25. I'm sort of cute (when I'm not covered in sweat from Crossfit), well that's debatable I guess, I'm in pretty decent shape, so how in the world is it humnaly possible that I have a broken hip? Ok ok, well it's not exactly broken per say, but it really hurts to move it, which tells me that I probably strained my hip flexer. It's been nagging me all week, but I just kept telling myself it would stretch itself out. Unfortunately it hasn't, and now I am an hour outside a shift at work and it's throbbing. Let me explain, in addition to the whole teaching thing, I work at a restaurant every weekend which involves me being on my feet, BUT also involves me running stairs. Our kitchen is on the first floor and we serve on the second and third. Unfortunately, tonight I'm on the third floor. I'm not enthused. But, nonetheless, despite the tightness I did hit a workout this morning. I didn't get as many rounds as I would have liked, but I was there, which is half the battle. Today was a crowded day, but that's what makes Saturdays so fun. Today's fun looked like this:

Warm up
Quick cals

WOD AMRAP in 25 minutes
8 Chins
12 KB swings (I subbed high pulls since my flexer was bugging me)
16 lunges (weighted I used 20 lbs.)

I finished 6 rounds... but some had 8-10. Not bad, but not a land speed record either. I think coming in 4 days this week was a lot, but hopefully if I keep doing it the repeated back to back days will get easier. So we'll see. But hopefully my hip will heal up soon. Well, I can smell myself since I haven't showered yet and work calls. Happy Easter everyone!


Kim said...

Take care of yourself girl!!

Adrienne said...

Hey Katie, Saw some of your postings about writing and it made me think of my friend Adrienne in New York. She's in the publishing industry. She may be able to point you in the right direction. You should check her out.. she's on my facebook. Her name is Adrienne Jozwick. Tell her I sent you.

Katie said...

Thanks for the pointers Adrienne... I'll facebook... Adrienne... ;)