Friday, March 14, 2008

Playing catch up and that wascally wabbit...

So, I have some catching up to do. For my devoted fans and members of my kult, I apologize for my slight disappearance. After spending all day yesterday in local screening and TAT (my teacher friends you can relate) I was completely brain dead and fell asleep on the couch about 600 after eating a sort of zone friendly dinner. :P See? I'm getting a little better. I at least left the fries OUT this time.... :P

So, yesterday morning was a bit rough. Not to bad overall, but since I was stiff from BEOWULF putting his pointy toed boot up my behind, I was hurtin. Everything seemed 10x harder. We did a bunch of couplets yesterday and did some TGU's, some push ups, some kb swings, some situps, some walking lunges, some snatches, the kitchen sink... :P But we ended with partner KB swings. Now, if you have never done these, let me tell you, it makes things slightly more difficult. And when I say slightly, I mean if you are doing them with someone else who is NOT your trainer. When the person who is your partner is Jerry, you get no mercy. Lucky me, I pulled Jerry as my partner since we had odd numbers. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Jerry. (And to answer your question Mr. Mirek, Jerry is largely responsible for our workouts, although he does tweak some of the ones from Crossfit from time to time. He is our God, our Savior, our Almighty, our holy trinity, our passer of wisdom, our CrossFit guru, and our kicker of asses.) But having him for a partner, well, it kinda sucks. He didn't take it easy on me. Not that theoretically he should, but I was def spent. But glad to hit the blue room yesterday.

Now today, was sheer joy and sheer hell rolled into one fancy chocolate snack for me to eat! :P I was in early today, per my norm, to stretch out and get loose. I started to work a little of the clean since I'm so worried about that form. Well, doesn't Jerry write up on the board the start to today's workout, and doesn't it fo sho have some hang cleans and push presses. I was kinda stoked at that point because I love pushes. I HATE thrusters, love pushes. I think it's that whole getting back up thing after I squat.... :P

So at this point of the day, I'm ecstatic because this is what the board reads.

Hang Clean to a push press
1/2 Warm up rounds (light weight) x 10
Max Effort X15 No rest, no bar on the floor, rest in the rack if need

So picture me like a greedy little kid in a candy store. Big old grin on my face thinkin' this is up my alley. So I do some warm-ups trying to get that clean form down, and then hit 65. Now I know that sounds light, but Tanya I need to correct one thing. We use plastic weights because of the mats in our room, so they 135 pound thrusters were really only about 1/2 that at 65. Sorry to disappoint. :( So anyway, I figure I've only ever done 65 for Fran so that's my max. Well 15 reps of 65 felt a little easy. So away I went to another bar to see what I could do with 75. And with much grunting, groaning, and pulling, I got 'em up. (*snicker*, that's what HE said...tehe... ) And here then after collapsing on to the mat with that max effort, is where our day in the blue room went to hell in a hand basket.

Now I titled this workout Wascally Wabbit, cause you know, have you ever watched Bugs Bunny? I mean, really. That dude has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve and you never see it coming. Really, I mean it! Who ever thought they'd see him in a dress acting like a girl bunny? Well, let's just say that in a similar fashion I didn't see it coming today. Jerry says, get your shoes on cause we're going to run. In my head I think, RUN?!? NOW!?!? I just exerted about all the energy I had on 15 reps of 75 lbs. I can't feel my legs! I'm like Lt. Dan! I have no legs!!! (sorry for the gratuitous Forest Gump reference) But anyway, he sends us out on an 800 meter run, and tells us when we come back, its max X 12. In my head I am calling Jerry every flippin name in the book. If I'd known then, what I know now, I would not have picked up 75 pounds. And here is where my complaint lies about being part of the 0600 crew. We are ALWAYS the guinea pigs. O645 and 0730 you know what stink pile you're stepping in. I never do and it bites me on the ass all the time. Kinda like my 100 45lb high pulls last week. (wow did those suck) Being a guinea pig sucks... although, were I a guinea pig, the constant sleeping and large ammount of food might be kinda cool... back on target here though.

So I survived the 800 meters (hello captain obvious) and the X 12. I can't remember my time although 856 and 941 seem to be sticking in my head as possibilities. And I thought after max X 12, I was done. But no. Jerry says to get our shoes on now, cause now we have a 500 meter row. And when that's done, then it's max X 9. Rowing... what can I say about rowing that has not already been said? Nothing... moving on... I made three of my last 9 cleans and presses, and had to drop the bar. I picked it back up and got to six, and then eeeeeeeeked out that last three by the skin of my teeth. I think it was Gar (or maybe Chriss) that deserves an apology because once that last press went up, it shot out of my hands about 2 seconds later, and I think I nearly impailed one of them with the bar when it bounced off the floor..... see Tanya, this is why we use rubber. (*snicker* for protection and safety) The time was sub 400 and I think 341 sounds right, but don't quote me. I can't walk now, or rightfully move, but I kind of feel like a beefcake. BEEFCAKE! Now, if one of my kult minions would be so kind as to get me some cheesy poofs, that'd be steller! :)


Tanya said...

Sorry girl, I only hand out gummy bears and fruit snacks, not cheezy poofs. I'm a runner, so I use that as an excuse to NOT do the zone plan--not enough carbs for distance. I like the Weight Watchers core eating plan. Its friendlier and works when you don't supplement it with fruit snacks, gummy bears, and beer. You shouldn't tell anyone they're plastic weights, because it doesn't look like it, but that explains why you can't wear shoes and you can throw metal weights in your gym...they're not metal. I was wondering about that...

Well I must now leave you and go on vacation. Hopefully I can blog as I run through the desert, happy as can be! HOORAY spring break!

Brad said...

The ones that are shaped to fit under you upper lip are my fav. Leave 'em there 'til they dissolve. Of course, this is only at its best while staring aimlessly at a Bugs Bunny episode. I like the bullfight one best.

Katie said...

Spring break will leave lots of time for mindless tv watching and gummy bear eating, or so I hope. Just don't tell Jerry! :P Tanya, I hope you are enjoying running in the desert! You're crazy! :) Running + Katie= suck! :P

Tanya said...

You CAN be a runner!