Friday, March 28, 2008


So... you know... I'm struggling today... it's Friday. SOL's are barreling down the hill straight at me like a mad barrel of monkeys, and the only thing I can think, is that my motivation to do work has shot to hell (it's a little early for the end of the year wind down) and the only thing I really want to do is workout and write. Is this sad?

So I hit a workout this morning. Three straight weeks of four workouts, I like it. I may go five soon, but Mondays after late night work at KSB are hard. So we'll see what happens. But regardless, it just feels good to be back. Today was another of those workouts where I was just ridiculously sweaty at the end. I felt so gross, but again, at least I know I was working right? I had to modify...grrrrrr... but still felt like I did a pretty decent job. I am really trying hard to get back to the point where I was before. I'm not sure how, but my rest really snuck in on me. I stopped doing what I know to be right, 3/4 quick breaths and weight back up, and was resting waaayyyy too much. So I've really been trying hard to keep pushing through that this week, and I feel like I've definitely seen an improvement in the last few days. We didn't do chins today, so I couldn't work on my chin form, but we did do just about everything else. The only thing missing today was the kitchen sink! It was a fun couplet day. Work out fun looked like this.

:30 each Burpees, Hollow Rock, Rock Bottom Squat Hold
X3 Rounds

Jumping Slamball/Wall Ball Situps
Box Jumps/High Pulls
Jumping Pull Ups/Thrusters
*Muscle ups (which for the rest of us were ring dips/ring rows)

Tabata sell out squat
:10 seconds rest must be held in rock bottom squat position

So I had to modify this today, as I already said, so I subbed more high pulls for the jumping slamballs and just did push presses for thrusters. For the finisher, I did sell out situps... I was going to try to do a static hold for the 10, but it got to be too much moving around, so I just did the sits. This is scored like FGB and you get one point for each rep. I hit 459 today. I thought that was pretty good. But I'm sure my behind got smoked by the other classes again... Jerks... :P

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