Thursday, March 20, 2008

A nice little gasser today...

Oooh, so today was a fun day! A rightupKatie'salley day. :P LOL. So we started off today with going for a max strict press. I've never done strict presses, only push presses, so I was interested to see how this would go without the power from my legs. I warmed up a little bit, and then let Jerry know I was ready to hit 75. As soon as we were ready to hit our max, we had to let Jerry know because we were to strict press our max, and then see how many chins we could hit in 1:30 right after. Well I put up 75 and thought, dare I say, that I could have gone higher and then did 15 chins. I wasn't happy with that chin number. Chins have felt super super crappy lately, so I think it's time to do some more work on the bar. I think since we've been hitting so many circuits without chins, my form has gone to shit, and I've stopped using my momentum and hips (two of Jerry's favorite words). Nonetheless, I did do 75. So for next time I'm thinking maybe 85 max. Well after that little test we hit the circuit today. Circuit looked a little something like this.

AMRAP in 20 minutes
5 strict press (I used 55)
10 burpees (ew.... who likes burpees? If you say you do, you're weird!)
15 KB high pulls (prescribed was 50, I used 45)

I managed to bust through 8 full rounds of this, and let me tell you, you start out gangbusters, but about round 3, you smack right into a wall. Kinda like you forgot you put it there and just walked around the corner and then BAM! It smacks you full on in the face. A little unforgiving if you ask me, but, well are you really asking me? :P Give this one a go if you want to feel your body completely coated in sweat and be able to smell yourself afterwards. It's my money back guarantee! :)

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Capital Region CrossFit & MA said...

Sounds like "Lynne" followed by a very confused "Cindy". Nice work getting that many rounds!