Friday, March 7, 2008

The James....

So, this is twice in two weeks I get to blame James for a baaaad workout. Ok, so again, it really wasn't James fault, but since now the workout carries his name, I can sort of blame him without feeling TOO guilty. :P

Quick round of cals
1 Round 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest
Jumping Slamball
KB Highpull
Take baseline from single round
Repeat for four rounds aiming for sub 20 minutes
Seriously, where did Jerry come up with this workout!?!? A.) It sucked! B.) It sucked! and C.) Why in the HELL did I decide that today was the day to be a hero and start lifting a 45 lb kettlebell for high pulls? How retarded am I? (Again, rhetorical question... do not answer!) So, ok, Jerry picked four of my WORST excercises today and had them in the same circuit. CRAP! Let's see. Per my previous blogging we know that rower+ Katie=Jello, burpees + anybody = suck, I'm still working on my tris, so dips are rough, and who likes jumping slamballs after getting off the rower? Not I. So all in all, I saw this one and wanted to crawl back into a hole, especially after my baseline first round. I have to admit that I heard Keturah say she did 19 high pulls with the bell, and I got a little competitive and decided I had to hit 20, which then became my number for the whole circuit. So in total, I did 100 kb high pulls today. Again, brilliant plan. :P
Believe it or not, the rower and the dips weren't too bad today. The jumping slamballs were def hard because I hit them right after the rower, which we all know is not good to me. The high pulls... ugh, the high pulls. What can I say? They were the bane of my existance. Had I just gone lighter I probably would have been through the circuit a minute faster. I had to keep stopping because I was just that tired. Plus not to mention, my posterior chain still hurts from yesterday! (Gar, that reference was TOTALLY for you! ;) ) All in all though, I finished sub 20 at 19:41. It's no land speed record, but I'm getting there. It's probably going to be another three weeks before I feel totally back, but I'm inching my way there. I just hope we don't hit Fran soon. Then I'll cry. So a nice gasser for you today. If you feel frisky, enjoy.

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That was a fun circuit to watch you push through!