Thursday, March 27, 2008

I never should have written that blog about flushing...

So... Mr. Mirek, you're going to appreciate this blog immensely. So the other day, I wrote a blog about some thoughts I had regarding the accidental drop of my debit card into the toilet. In hindsight, which we all know is always 20/20, I have to say I never ever ever should have written it, because as we all also know, the second which you say something, or write it, it happens.

Well, lo and behold, there I am at Crossfit this morning, still half asleep, using the ladies room, and what do I do? Oh yes, doesn't my stupid self drop something in the toilet. Now, here, I had two choices. Fish, or flush. I'm sorry to say that I was forced to fish. I was so disgusted that I stood and washed my hands in the bathroom for (I kid you not) ten minutes. 10 MINUTES! Lather, rinse, and repeat probably close to 15 times. Under the hottest water in the place, which nearly scalded me, but that would have been ok because then my hands would match the burn mark I got on my arm last night from the grill. (It's been quite a week folks, let me tell you.) So after that... I was ready to go hit Cindy... sort of...

Now, I had a better title for this blog, but I figured that I need to stop dropping drug references into my workout blogs or I'm going to get in trouble, or just give everyone the impression that I have a problem with drugs. I don't really. It's only recreational! I swear! (I'm kidding!) Moving on.... So, today's workout is Cindy... sort of. All in all, a great metabolic workout, but geez Louise does it ever feel like crap while you're doing it. I guess that's kind of the point though... if you were like, "Hey Jerry, I feel like a million bucks right now" while the workout was supposed to be kicking your backside, I think you'd have a serious problem. And by serious problem, I mean serious. I think the punishment Jerry would hand down would be nothing short of, well, the wrath of God comes to mind.

Today's fun looked something like this
Warm up
You go/partner goes
:30 seconds a piece for 3 minutes
KB Bombs
Wall ball

Wod Rainy Cindy
AMRAP in 30 minutes
400 meter run
5 chins
10 push ups
15 squats

Now, I need to do some 'splaining. First off, wall ball and kb bombs were out because of the hip flexer. Anything involving squating or explosive hip movement is just not going to happen for a bit. So Jerry said to me, "Hey Katie, why don't you just row 1000 meters?" Now, we ALL know just how much I enjoy rowing.... so you can easily picture my enthusiasm at that statement. But, I asked for a substitution and boy did I get one. So, instead of the warm up I subbed a 1000 meter row, and as I'm strapped into the rower sans shoes, Jerry goes, "So what was your PR before? 4:08? Ok, beat it. Have fun!" and turns around to everyone else. I seriously think he did that on purpose. I did beat my PR though and rowed in in 4:05. I'm wondering if it would have been faster had I worn shoes. I guess I'll never know. After the row, I jumped in for some sit ups since partners were still going.

Then Jerry told us about the WOD. Rainy Cindy. Now, I'm not good at Cindy. I can't sprint. Epics I'm ok with because I've got the wearwithall to keep going. Sprint circuits kill me like no other. So I wasn't thrilled at Cindy, or when I saw Cindy's little addition. When you do this circuit, you don't do a 400 meter run each time (thank god) but you do the 400 meter run, then come in and do 2, 3, or 4 rounds of Cindy, depending on your level. I hit three today. Then after your rounds, throw on your shoes and go run again. Then do more rounds of Cindy. Then run again. You can see why this would easily get tiring. All in all I hit 3.25 and I subbed sits for squats. I didn't feel too bad, but man, the row and then the run and then the sprint, wow. Give me a good day of throwing weights around...that's what I love. There's my bread and butter. But all this running stuff... Tanya I told you... es no bueno. Jerry, can we do more strict presses tomorrow? Please?!


Mr. Mirek said...

You deserve a bumper sticker that says, "GONE FISHIN'...DON'T ASK!" I love the intensity of your CF gym's atmosphere. Sounds like a place I belong. However, your gym does exercises outside my understanding. Please explain some time..."bullwhips," "AMRAP"...not so sure what those are. I hope next week doesn't have you fishin' too much. CHEERS!

Tanya said...




You can do it! It is all about perserverance.

and Mr M AMRAMP "As many reps as possible"

bullwhips sound fun...

Katie said...

TANYA! Good to see you back! I was afraid I had lost you in the desert! :( Mr. Mirek, if you make me a bumper sticker, I will gladly put it on my car! :P As Tanya already said, AMRAP means as many reps or sometimes as many rounds as possible. It's just a nice little acronym. :) As for bullwhips, we have long ropes, much like the ones you used to use in gym class and they are looped through the handles on our heavier kettle bells. A bullwhip consists of using your arms, along with some power from your legs, to move the "whip" up and down. It burns the hell out of your forearms. I'll find some pictures of our fun exercises and post 'em up! :)