Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear, dear, diary....

Dear Diary,

Today was a rough day. I worked late last night and somehow managed to get screwed out of $50. I'm not sure how it happened, but I wasn't in a mood to get up and work, let alone get up at 5 to go CrossFit. After spending two hours on teacher narratives today, Genne and I decided to go have 1/2 price margaritas at Mango Mike's. Margaritas make everything better, but 1/2 price margaritas make it twice as nice. I tried to eat healthy, despite the margaritas, and I actually ordered Tilapia for the first time! I'm a bit of a land lubber diary and so eating fish was, well, a little worrisome. I really liked it though, and felt pretty good about eating healthy. I just couldn't really move my arms to eat after the dip in the pool yesterday. Oops. Where was that foresight yesterday? Unfortunately though diary, after two more margaritas, I decided french fries were a good idea. Please don't tell Jerry. I don't think he'll be very happy. :( He might send me to the zone principal's office, and I may get put on probation. I'd like to be able to make it into CrossFit tomorrow diary, so if you can do anything about me not being hungover in the morning, that'd be really swell. Thanks.


"I love how strong I feel right now. I can lift barbells over my head, I can squat weights, I can clean weights, and hell, I can do chin ups. I can complete workouts that would give normal people a heart attack just thinking about them. But regardless of how strong I am, sometimes going home alone to an empty house is the hardest thing of all to do."


Tanya said...

You could always get a dog. Your dog could lick your sweaty sore feet and that is something to look forward to when you go home!!!!


Mr. Mirek said...

EEWWWW TANYA! TMI! Katie, tomorrow's a new day! Always remember that.

georgia said...

Time for a pet! They are totally awesome. But, with your crazy schedule I recommend a cat. I'm not a cat person and only ever had dogs until I got my two they act like dogs, do tricks for treats and follow commands. I love those snugglebugs.

Bet Cara could help you find a great pet at the shelter she works at!

Oh, and the key to life is to surrender and be happy with where you are...then someone fantastic will come into your life...and then you'll get to be upset about falling into the toilet after schnookums left the seat up (again) ;)

Cara said...

You can have one of my cats! Really! I have one that will always make you laugh after a long day - he's a clown.

I agree with Georgia - even though I have trouble with that sometimes, trying to be happy with where you are in life - but don't wait to be happy. Enjoy life NOW.

Katie said...

I would love to have pets, but unfortunately the realator says no because we have hardwood floors. Boo hiss on that! I do appreciate everyone's thoughts though. :)

As for enjoying life... trust me that I really do. I have to say that this is probably the happiest I have been with me in a very long time and it's almost solely due to CrossFit, Jerry, and the friends I've made there. You are all really steller.

But despite all the good stuff, sometimes... it would be nice to go home to have someone waiting there to rub my back and take my stress for a few hours before I pick it back up again... that's really all a girl needs sometimes...

As for my snookums Georgia... that toilet seat might just be the deal breaker... LOL! :)

Thanks for all your comments guys!