Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday burner....

So here I sit, on the couch.... I'm so sorry that my usually witty repertoire is slightly lacking.... Elise I especially apologize to you since I know you're looking to be entertained, but Jerry put me through the wringer and I can't move my ass. My hands are working... my brain not so much. It's focused on the pain. Here's our day...

Warm Up
Squat Clean
AMRAP in 20 minutes
Push ups
Med Ball/Wall Ball sit ups

I went in today for the third day in a row, not really sure what I was getting into but Saturday's are always interesting. Warm up today was about 30 minutes and was pretty frustrating. Cleans are a weakness for me, much like my tris, AND ROWING! :P I tend to reverse curl my bar instead of cleaning it to my shoulders. But seriously, think of it this way, I'm strong enough to reverse curl a 65/75 pound bar. I think that is kinda cool. Technically not good, but still cool. ;) After about oh say 14 rounds with a 35 pound bar I decided to go up in weight. Again, why I get these brilliant brainstorms AFTER I've already done an assload of work, I have no idea, but moving up in weight sounded like a good idea at the time. :P Hindsight is always 20/20...of course...

After our warm up we got straight into our circuit today. Although it was only 9 reps of each, the circuit was a burner, but surprisingly I was able to tie together a few of the thrusters, and I was able to hit 5/6 chins together and I felt pretty good. I'm still weak on the push ups but even the med ball/wall ball sit ups were ok. I managed to finish 5 1/4 rounds in under 20 minutes. I only had 20 seconds left before the end of the 20 minutes and I was too spent to even try to get another excercise in, but all in all it was good to be in the blue room today. It was even better that we ate breakfast/lunch afterwards.... :) Yum!

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Tanya said...

Hi Katie-

Enjoy your mindless ramblings.... :)

I am a crossfitting teacher as well, started in December with my colleague Paul who has been doing it for a while as well. I too have a blog (as does Paul) relating to working out and all things Crossfit (and running, for me).

Keep up the good work!

To answer your soda question from a few posts ago: My husband gave up soda last year for new years. He HATES diet, but found that Coke Zero most closely resembles the taste of coke, but with zero calories. You can also get things like Fanta Zero, cherry coke zero, etc. You want to give up the soda. Each can has the equivalent of a full cup of sugar. Look at your measuring cups in your kitchen and picture that. Yuk!

Keep up the rambling!