Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clean and jerk

Alright, since Robin's giving me crap, I guess I better get these up huh? It was a crazy weekend with district swimming and work and what have you but I guess Robin doesn't take excuses very well... :P On a positive note before I get too into these, our ladies team finished as the district runners up behind the three (probably four from the looks of things) time state champ girls team. I was proud of them. They swam very well, and it's the first time in the ladies' history I believe that they've done that well. We're a weak conference (I'm not being mean we really are) in terms of swimming, but still, they swam well and it was nice to see.

Hokay, so clean and jerk. Andrea has been doing the programming this last week or so and she's picked some doozies. Here we go...

1 clean
5 jerks

2 cleans
4 jerks

3 cleans
3 jerks

4 cleans
2 jerks

5 cleans
1 jerk

Now, this is a pretty speedy workout, but man let me tell you. I threw 100 lbs on that bar and on day 5 of my CF week, it took me over 5 minutes to get this done. I was sore, tired, and this hurt like crap. Note to self, 5 CF days in a row = bad idea. It's also challenging not to bring 100 lbs down under control and not crack yourself in the chest before going for another jerk, cause yeah, if you drop the bar you get to do extra cleans... woot! :P

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One of my favorites. ;)