Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A metcon thrasher...

After hitting last night's WOD, I was reluctant to crawl out of bed this morning and get into CF, but I needed to get in this morning because I don't want to have another night where I don't get home until 8 because I'm busy playing with toys at CF.

I got up and hit the zero dark thirty class which was good. I haven't seen those guys for a hot minute, so it was nice to be back at my original time slot. It was another metcon thrasher though and boy, this one really hurt.

400 m run
20 pull-ups
30 weighted sit ups


DC is experiencing some unusually warm but nonetheless beautiful spring like weather, so it's no wonder Jerry had us out for a run circuit today. The run felt really bad on round 1 but after I loosened up, it felt decent actually. I'm not going to lie though, what slowed me down in this circuit was the pull ups.

Getting adjusted to these new bars is taking me a little bit. My hands are tearing and staying on these bars just plain hurts. Jerry mentioned maybe he might paint them and that may help, but man, they just tear the crap out of your hands and are downright painful. I wasted a lot of time today staring at the bar. I was cranking sets of three and four, but to get 20 done that way takes awhile, and I was so gassed from running that it was taking me even longer because I wanted to be able to breathe. Huh, imagine that. Wanting to be able to breathe. :P Whoda thunk? :P

Not to mention, after last night's thrashing, my shoulders were pretty well shot. I didn't have a whole lot of "umpf" when pulling myself up today. But, I didn't quit or give up which is a good thing. I always give myself points for that. I got really dizzy a couple of times during this circuit, and I'm not sure if it was a direct result of the movements themselves, or of something else entirely. I haven't been feeling up to snuff lately, and after this weekend have felt EXTREMELY lethargic and run down, so I'm wondering if I'm coming down with whatever all the kids in my school have. I hope not, because I really don't want the bubonic plague again, but I won't lie. I'm not feeling 100% today.

Anyhoo, enough of the whining... off I go! Until next time...


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Glad to hear the new blue is working out for you.

Katie said...

Steve, the new blue is AWESOME! You would have a hay day here. It really is a CF'ers paradise. Racks and bars and rings gallore! If you ever get stateside you must come visit! :)

Tami said...

Hey, I just saw a video of the new box. Looks like a dream come true!

Sorry to hear about your hands, bet the non-swinging bars are a bit hard to adjust to. There's a great article on CrossFit Virtuosity's site about taping your hands. I think it's called "I've Got To Hand It To You." I've used his method when I had a bad tear and it works great.