Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Helen make-up...

After completing the "Grace Challenge" Jerry has decided to host another challenge. This time, Jerry has focused on "Helen", another particularly short, but brutal lady. Our initial time trial was on Saturday and unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it, but fortunately, Jerry was nice enough to get me a make-up day. So, Monday due to my computer issues, I wasn't able to get into CFOT. So, yesterday in the wind and cold, I had to go hit Helen. (That sounds kind of funny... I promise that no women were injured in me hitting Helen. :P) Anyhoo, I drove off to CFOT after school and got ready to do battle.

Helen looks a little sumptin' like this:
400 M run
21 KB swings
12 Pull-ups

Despite teh freezing cold temps, this workout actually didn't feel too bad, well except on my lungs. I'm not a metcon ninja, not by any means. It's one of my areas I've been working on, but really this didn't suck for me too badly. Round 1 actually felt easy, and on the KB swings I did the 21 unbroken. I had to break on the pull-ups though as I'm just having a hard time getting used to the fixed bar. It took months to adjust to the swinging bars and get used to doing pull-ups at all, so I'm sure my fixed bar mojo will come, it's just going to take a hot minute.

So, round 2 I had to break the KB swings at 13, and the chins 3 times. I was a bit disappointed with that. Round 3 wasn't so hot and I broke the chins four times. If there is an area where I could say that I would pick up time, it's def with the chins. Taking as many breaks as I did on that last round cost me a bit of time. All in all though, I really didn't feel too terrible. So we'll see where I can go with my metcon ninjary in 8 weeks.

As an aside, I'm not Catholic, but I'm going to give stuff up for lent.... perhaps it's cheating, but if I give up chocolate and soda for Lent, they can't ruin my Zone right? *sigh* Still trying to get back into it... it's been a whole lot harder this time around... I'm going to keep plugging along though and hopefully start making some better food choices. Next few weeks will be rough though, as I have a party and a bachelorette weekend planned. Eeek... stay tuned to see how that works out... LOL.


Adrienne said...

so what was your time??

Katie said...

Oh Adrienne... that's a total my bad... it was 12:48. Not bad but not as fast as the metcon ninjas... room to grow over 8 weeks...