Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heavy Tuesday Night metcon ninjary...

Yar... all this metcon is giving me pains... Chriss keeps picking all my bad movements!! GD! We're only on day 2 of his 2 weeks... I'm so in trouble. :( Right now I'm in the swimming has sort of ended down swing. My life is slowly returning to normal but my body is still in full own fatigue mode because now, I'm allowing it to rest and relax instead of kicking it awake everyday to beat it up some more, and believe me, it's taking it and milking it big time. I slept so much this weekend and watched so many movies, it was almost disgusting.

So anyway, I think I will be back to full on ninja status in prob two weeks. I'm thinking of throwing in some two a dayers... maybe getting back to some running. But right now is healing time, and time to allow my blood pressure and stress levels to lower themselves. Basically, I'm going to the gym, putting in some work, but I'm not stressin the times too much. I need to improve my all around fitness, and you know what, sometimes you just can't worry about the clock because you need to slow the movements down. This need for a slow down just happens to have come at a perfect time.

I'm just sort of learning some new stuff now and I'm discovering a lot of my weaknesses, some I already knew, some, NSM. For example, today was a heavy KB swing day, so I really had to focus on my hips. I have mhf so these are still a bear for me. But it was good. We also hit double unders today. I didn't know how to do those but got my very first double under today before then needing to do 100 in the workout. So, sometimes I have to remind myself that I need to go back to step with some things and slow down. This is counterintuitive for me, but good nonetheless.
The insanity looked a lot like this... no wait, it did look like this... :P

For time
50 double unders
40 KB swings (53 lbs)
40 box jumps
40 abmats
30 KB swings
30 box jump
30 abmats
20 KB swings
20 box jumps
20 abmats
50 double unders

Time 27:22

The first set of double unders really slowed me down. Those alone took 6 minutes. I got very frustrated. But, BUT, in the last set, I think something finally clicked because I started putting them together. After the workout, I was playing around with the jumprope and was wondering if it was a fake out. You know, I got lucky and just happened to sort of get it. Well, I guess not because then I hit 11 in a row. But after that 11 when I tried to go back and get 12, I could only get 3. Fudge! :P But, I guess either way, I def got it, now I just need to work on it. See, told you. I'm learning... see, you can teach an old dog new tricks... :P LOL.


Jen said...

I've been liking double unders more once it finally 'clicked'. I keep practicing them, but now they're bothering my feet/arches. The most I've done in a row is 25, and now I can barely get 10. Frustrating at times, but it'll click and stay one of these days.

I'll have to try this workout sometime. Looks awesome.

Cara said...

Believe it or not I ended up pulling my calf during the double unders!