Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday night DL workout...

Chriss has been doing our programming this week and he's really been picking some doozies. Here's what he thought up on Wednesday night.

10 DL heavy
20 K2E

I am having a very hard time with particular movements lately, DL's being one. I couldn't use the Rx'd weight which was 185 so I backed down to 155 and did the workout. It took me awhile because I was really focusing on not rounding and getting a good set. I also have been told that I'm over arching at the top. I'm thinking about getting my hips to the bar, so I'm leaning back at the top when I finish my lift which is why I've been having so many back problems with DL's. So, not a bad workout, but again, kind of like my other post said, I have to slow down and work on form now. I've gotten strong, now I need to back down on the weight and work on efficiency of the movements. I can't go anywhere until I get it down.

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