Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday Night Workout: 40-30-20-10

Yesterday morning I had a really hard time rising to the alarm at 4:30, so I set the alarm for an hour later and decided to hit CF last night. But wow oh wow, was this a doozy.

For time
OHS 35lbs
Lunges 15 lbs
KB swings 35 lbs
Ring push ups

Now the weights for this were not incredibly heavy, and they weren't supposed to be. They were supposed to be light enough that you could just fly through. Surprisingly, I did just that. The ohs felt great actually, and I'm finding these days that I actually kind of LIKE squats now. Shh... don't tell Jerry. No really, squats used to be a really bad achilles for me, but they've gotten a lot better. I just need to remember to initiate with my butt back instead of bending my knees first. I also noticed the improvement in my hip speed when I did KB Swings. Normally these are also a bit of a struggle with me because of the hip movement, but I actually tore through them pretty quickly (well for me anyway). I did really well with this circuit.... until.... the ring push ups.

As if normal push ups don't suck badly enough, try doing them on a lowered set of rings. Oh yeah, let me tell you... I had a good fun grand time banging out 100 ring push ups. Yeah... about that... not so much. I honestly think too though that one of the worst things about this workout was the strap burn. Seriously, I took a layer of skin off my arms, and today I have bruises forming. It's uber retardo looking. And I keep hurting myself cause I forget and then lean in the doorway or cross my arms. Grrrrr... But, even though this was a killer and I was grunting and screaming "I hate these f'ing (I didn't really say f'ing... I censored myself here... c'mon now) things!" this was really a good workout. It was good for me to work the push ups and work on speed. That is, as Andrea put it, the next frontier for me. Somewhere between July and now, I went and got a little strong. For me, the next level of my fitness is working on perfect form and motion and speed. I still have a few kinks here and there I need to work out. Clean pull from the floor, deadlifts etc. But overall... a good day in the... hmmm... well I can't say Blue Room, so, a good day at the new box. :)

PS- The push ups slowed me down so much I don't really want to admit my time...

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