Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Wednesday I worked on my snatch...

You know what I love about snatches? All the fun I get to have giggling at the word snatch... :) Wednesday was great because we were working on heavy snatches. To be honest, we've really never worked heavy snatches, at least not that I can remember. We've gone heavy on lots of other stuff, but never snatches. I like the snatch (uh... not like THAT!) because I love to throw weight over my head. To me, it's fun. Keep your dead lifts and squats, but give me some clean and jerks or some snatches and I'm in heaven. (Wow, I really can't stop giving you guys lots of room to make comments can I?)

But anyway, we worked up heavy on the snatch and here's what I came up with.

45 X 3
45 X 3
55 X 1
60 X 1
65 X 1
70 X 1
75 X 1
80 X 1
85 X 1
90 X 1
95 X 1 (hang)
100 X 1 (hang)
105 X 1 (SOF, hang)
105 X 1 (SOF, hang)

So what the f does SOF mean? Well, it means sort of failed. On the first snatch with 105 I had it overhead but couldn't lock out. On the second one, I had it overhead and stood it up but it was too far behind my head so I had to dump the weight. I have 105, solid i know. But by the time I got up there I think I was just too tired to hang onto it. Once I went to the hang, I was surprised at just how much more efficient my movement was. Everyone says pulling from the floor gives you more power. For me, it's the opposite. Once I have to try to squat down and use my legs from the floor, something gets lost in translation. I was still able to put up 90 from the floor but I lost that explosive hip speed. As soon as I went to the hang, the speed came back and I felt much more confident. Interesting how that happens. But anyhoo... I'll take a 100 lb snatch... and a SOF at 105. :) I hope we hit these again.


Jerry Hill said...

Those were some amazing efforts Katie!

The Wigan Crossfitter said... blog is being naughty and not telling me when your's updates.

I'm with you on snatches. I can't get over the word either!

You are quite the athlete Katie.

Katie said...

Thanks Jerry! I really thought those were fun! :) We are going to do them again right? ;)

Thanks Steve... I'm sorry that you're having some technical difficulties. I'm glad that someone else also has my sense of humor about snatches... thanks for backing me up Steve... ;)