Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Overheard in my classroom...

Have you ever heard about Overheard in New York? I think that's the name of it, but people write about all the conversations they overhear people having. Well over the weekend, I decided that I was going to play with my hair a bit. Hey, it's my hair and I'll do what I want. I'm grown! :P Anyhoo, it also happened to be President's Day, and well, seeing as how swimming is almost over, and they were having huge sales at Ann Taylor, weeeellll I decided to go shopping. I bought the cutest dress ever and it was work appropriate and I decided to wear it today.

I was standing at the chalkboard today writing the morning message for my kids when I hear this (mind you they are all in the classroom and I'm WRITING on the board:

Student 1: "Where's Ms. _____________?"
Student 2: "I don't know, I guess we have a substitute."
Student 3: (After standing next to me in a state of confusion for a good solid minute) "Oh it's you. I like your haircut."
Me: "Thank you."
Student 1: "Oooooh, it IS Ms. ___________."

As heard during the class switch:

Student 1: "I wonder what she looks like."
Student 2: "Yeah, they said she actually looks nice today."

Hmmmm as opposed to every other day?

As heard during my walk through the building this morning... "I love your hair!" (several times) and "I can't believe how cute you look in your dress!". Just another few signs that I really am that boring and apparently wear WAY too many pants. I cut my hair and wear a dress and people don't know WHAT to think... :P


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

I can't picture you in anything other than sweaty gym clothes but hey! That's all we ever see.

Similarly, I don't always wear pink shirts and sunglasses.

I have sartorial elegance to a t!

Katie said...

Oh God... are you REALLY going to make me put up a *gasp* NORMAL picture of myself on here?

The Wigan Crossfitter said...


Here you are free from all professional duties!

Post whatever you like!

Tami said...

LOL -- kids!

My cousin is an elementary teacher, and she has tons of stories like that too. My favorite was the little boy that walked by her, looked her up and down and said "Didn't you wear that YESTERDAY?"

They must not be old enough to have their tact filter turned on. :-)