Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday Metcon Ninjary...

I cheated at this workout, but it was TOTALLY by accident. Last week when we ran the big orange sign was the 400 meter mark (so there and back was 800). Then yesterday I was only half listening when they explained the run... so I sort of cheated cause I stopped at the orange sign and then ran back... whoops! I feel bad now... I should probably do 50 burpees or something to make up for it... :( I sowwy. Ah, jess, but now for the metcon ninjary... Andrea did our programmning for the last two weeks, Chriss is doing it for the next two... have I mentioned that I miss Jerry? We are so going to run and row our asses off.... :(

Chriss's Monday Metcon Ninjary
200 M run
25 ring dips (done with floss band)
400 M run
35 push press (65 lbs)
800 M run
45 wall ball (14 lbs)

I won't record my time since technically I cheated... I swear I REALLY didn't mean to... if I meant to cheat, hell, I would have stopped a whole lot sooner... duh... :P

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