Monday, October 12, 2009

Clean up on aisle 9!

Being sick all last week kept me from getting to the box. I was running a low grade fever until Friday of last week. It was a miserable two week run to say the least, but I'm feeling better. Not terrific, but better these days. So, I decided Monday was the day. I needed to get back to the box. So, I did, and boy what a doozy to come back to!

9 MU's (sub 9 dips/9 chins)
9 Squat cleans (100lb)
400 M run

Time- 30:23

Wow. This was a total thrashing. We haven't squat cleaned in a good long while, and wow man did that 100lbs feel super heavy. Just wow. Not to mention, my metcon has gone in the crapper thanks to the schedule that I've been working and being out cause I was sick. Poopy poopy metcon. But, regardless, it was good to be back in the box and back to CF. I was hoping to bring this in under 25:00 but it was not to be today. I'm glad I got back though. The people in the box are so supportive of me, and just in general great people to be around. When I'm not in the box, I miss them. Even if some of them do make fun of me all the time. SONI! :P Hopefully I will not contract the bubonic plague again and I won't miss anymore time in the box!

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