Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Strict Press X 1

After coming back on Monday to a wod with ring dips, I wasn't feeling super duper stoked about seeing strict presses. I am a wuss, and I was totally sore. But, soreness be darned! I was going to the box on Tuesday. I felt tight while warming up, but as I lifted more, I loosened up quite a bit. I don't honestly remember what all my jumps were, but I was taking my good old sweet time.

I have always honestly thought that strict press is a whole other ball of wax. Smaller jumps, IMHO, are always better because it's all on your shoulders. In a push press or a jerk, you're using hips to help you lift that bar. With strict press you are relying purely on your shoulder strength. Unlike the push press or jerk etc., you can't rely on your hips to help you lift that weight. The difference between 96 and 97 lbs can be HUGE when you're JUST using your shoulders. I know people probably think I'm weird because it takes me 20 minutes just to warm up, but I honestly feel like I need that. It works for me, but maybe not for everybody.

Regardless, once I loosened up, I felt pretty solid and put 95 up for 1. Unless I'm mistaken (and I might be because god knows I can't trust my brain right's way overloaded) that is a new strict press PR. Woot! I heart PR's.... and it seems like I hit a skid so hitting a PR helps me feel like I'm back on track. So, here's to PR's and gettin' back on track! :)

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