Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday's WOD: More metcon

Tuesday's WOD was heavy deadlifts, and you know, deads are an iffy exercise for me since I'm quad dominant and not strong in my hamstrings, that really and truly, I was just feeling like this would not go well. So I took a rest day. But Wednesday I was back for some more metcon fun, Jerry style.

Jerry put together this metcon of muscle ups, pull-ups, and front squats. Since I can do muscle-ups, I had to go the ring dip route, with pull-ups and front squats. The WOD looked like this:

15 ring dips
15 pull-ups
9 front squats
600 M run
12 ring dips
12 pull-ups
12 front squats
600 M run
9 ring dips
9 pull-ups
15 front squats
600 M run

So the "elite" weight for this was supposed to be 100... but see here's the thing about me... I can't really count at 0515, and I get kind of lazy, so rather than actually putting 100 on the bar, I went 105. For all of you who thought that I was doing that just to be badass, no. No no. That was not my logic at all. It was just way easier to throw on 85 and then add 10s. I'm the epitome of lazy. :P

I don't really remember what my time was but I can tell you that I was doing decent sets of pull-ups, banging out sets of 9 or more. I can also tell you I had little speed on my front squats, and I was really having to work hard to get out of the hole because I wasn't driving off the bottom the way I was supposed to. I can also tell you that my running was attrocious. Ugh. I have gotten out of my habit of running at least 1/2 mile each day, and I can feel it. I really need to get back into that habit. That will go a long way towards helping me. But, regardless another great day to be at the box!

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