Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fight Gone Bad

There really isn't a good way to write about this wod, because really if you weren't there, it's really hard to explain to you. If I had to try to describe it, the only thing I could say is that the room was ELECTRIC. You could literally feel the energy pulsing in that room. We've done Fight Gone Bad before, but those other runs through were nothing like what happened last Saturday.

From the opening "3-2-1 Go!" there was cheering, there was screaming, there was 100% effort from everyone in that room. Watching everyone give there all was amazing. Awesome, and completely emotional. I have never gotten so lightheaded from cheering. There was no lack of support in that room. Fight Gone Bad is a horrific workout and as CFers we are worried about the score, but deep down this WOD is truly about so much more. Going into FGB we knew that we had raised close to $20,000 and just doing that WOD, keeping in the back of my mind what others had gone through and what we were doing it for, made it a very emotional day. There are so many friends of mine who could be a "Wounded Warrior" that it felt good to know that if anything should every happen, we were doing something to make sure they'd be ok. Not to mention, helping to take care of the wounded warriors who have already returned.

Unfortunately I didn't hit my target 300 during this WOD. I think doing the box jumps on boxes instead of on the mats like last year really hurt my score, but you know, there is always time to improve before next year. I was upset about hitting 279, but you know, the money is what matters. And now, sitting a week later and knowing that together CFOT raised over $21,000 while CF raised over $1.... I still get emotional. I'm SO proud to be a part of this affiliate, and this community. It's amazing what a few people can do when they set their minds to it.
These people go out of their way to help raise money for others and then kill themselves in the box to prove how dedicated they are to aiding those people. I hate this WOD, but I can't wait until next year to see what we can do. $1.2 mil? $1.5? Fight Gone Bad V. Bigger and Badder.

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