Monday, October 19, 2009

Hop to it!

This weekend, BWI CF hosted the Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge. Similar to the idea of the games, the Hopper has athletes complete multiple wod's in a single day, and ranks them based on their performance in each wod. It was an awesome atmosphere to be a part of, and truly it was an electric day. I almost wished that I was competing, that was until I saw the first wod.

The first thing they drew was the ball indicating whether it was a monostructural, couplet, or triplet type wod. From there, they drew the number of appropriate exercises. They pulled the triplet, and then pulled out OHS, front squats, and ring push-ups. They made the executive decision to pull the front squats so that the competitors weren't required to complete two squats. From their they pulled bastards, basically a lateral burpee. Then they realized their pull-up bars did not allow their rings to be lowered low enough for ring push-ups. So, they then made the executive decision to replace ring push-ups with regular push-ups.

Wow, can anyone say shoulders much? They did a 21 15 9 of this and man it was BRUTAL. The OHS took out a LOT of really strong athletes. So, since Jerry loves us so much, he decided to do a version of this as our Monday wod. So, we did

21 15 9
Lateral Burpees

Weighted Chins X 1-1-1-1-1

The weight for the OHS was 65 lbs, which for me, is pretty light. I was able to bang through the OHS with one drop on the 15's when I lost my footing a bit, but the lateral burpees slowed me down. I'm not strong at metcon things, and the lateral burpees were no exception. I definitely felt winded. I brought this in in 8:28 which was pretty speedy, but not the fastest time on the day by far. It felt good though to work OHS since it seems that we don't do them as much as some other exercises. I enjoy the OHS indeed! More OHS (and snatch!) please! :) I'm glad however, that Jerry left the push-ups out for me! ;)

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