Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monday's WOD: A quick burner and weighted chins

I was pretty stoked about this day because for the first time in a long time I felt strong. I haven't been able to lift much lately due to just being exhausted and keeping up with a busy schedule, but I felt good this day. Jerry had us zip through a short metcon circuit of sit-ups with a weight overhead, push-ups, and also double unders (subbing 3:1 singles if you couldn't hit the doubles). So we hit 5 rounds through that before hitting weighted chins. I think it really helped to do the metcon first because last time we did this we did chins then metcon. I think I was looser than last time and I think that helped me pull some weight over the bar that I haven't been able to do in awhile.

My metcon wasn't too speedy, but it felt good and that's half the battle. I was able then to do a 31lb strict weighted chin. I pulled a 36lb weighted chin one time, but haven't been able to do it since. So, getting 31lbs felt good. This wasn't a WOD to really write home about but, it was good for me to hit.

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