Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Double Under of death...

The other day I sat down and hashed out my new CF goals for myself. For awhile, it felt like I was getting complacent. I didn't really have a direction, and was just happy to go into the box and sort of ho hum my way through things. One of my new goals is to learn how to do consecutive double unders. I can do a double under, but I jump higher for the double under and have to double jump in between, which is not quite how it's supposed to be done. So I've decided that as soon as I have the money, lord knows when that will be, I'm going to invest in a speed rope and learn how to do the gd things the right way. But, regardless of whether or not I have my own rope, this also means that I need to suck it up, and start hitting the DU's when they come up in WOD's.

A few months back, I decided I had had enough of not being able to actually do ring dips, and I basically just started shutting off the clock anytime ring dips came up, and going for the WOD's as RX'd. Ring dips still aren't fast for me (hence why I now have a new goal regarding them), but I can do them as RX'd and not use a band. So, I'm hoping that if I use this same method for DU's, eventually, I'll get the wrist speed and eliminate that extra hopping that I do to compensate for my lack of speed. But in the meantime, I have to just suck it up and do them, which, if you've ever worked a weakness, especially 150 of them in one WOD, you know it can be insanely frustrating.

After having two pretty good metcon days back to back, I was feeling good about things in the box, and then this WOD came. The WOD looked like this:

400 M run
30 DU
10 Kipping toes to bar

These DU's frustrated me to NO end. I was on the end of round 3 while everyone else was on round 5 or done. Talk about frustrating. I kept putting the rope down so it was out of my hands because I really just wanted to throw it and essentially have a temper tantrum. I could string together 6 or 8 but they were so slow, and I was double jumping, and just arg! I was really trying to just get it out of my head and just go for it, but I was so annoyed and frustrated that that made things even worse. There was no high point for this wod today. The other days, it was great because I love OHS and cleans and I'm decent at pull-ups. So the running in the WOD Tuesday didn't bother me. But this WOD, forget it. I'm not good at running, double unders, or kipping toes to bar. It was the perfect day for weakness working, but unfortunately, it was also a perfect day to get incredibly frustrated.

One thing I will say for myself is that I'm incredibly driven, with a combination of also being incredibly stubborn. I really don't believe in quitting all that much, so I really was determined to finish this WOD, but I'll tell you, I was very disappointed and frustrated by it. Done or otherwise. Apparently I was right when I set the goal to work the Double Unders. I do need to, and badly at that.

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