Friday, October 2, 2009

First Friday WOD: Josh and a social!

I've been under the weather this week, and combined with my schedule, I've been feeling really run down. I was debating whether or not to hit a WOD for first Friday. And then Soni emailed me. He says, "Katie, I put your name on the board and next to it, wrote FAIL!" Soni was calling me out for not coming in with the 0515 crew. Dangit! I had to go in last night and hit something, so I picked something I knew I could handle. I've done Josh before so I knew I'd be ok and I wasn't really expecting anything spectacular. I just wanted to get a WOD in.

So I did a bunch of OHS and wall squats to get loose and then threw a bit of weight on the bar. I snatched the weight a few times just to get the feel of it over my head, and from there, I hopped in and away I went. I haven't done Josh in a few months and from the get go, my squats were a little tight, but I was amazed at how much different my pull-ups were. It took me so long to get used to our bars that even in April when I did this, I still could only do sets of 6 or so, and breaking a set of 42 pull-ups into smaller sets of 6 takes a hot minute. I felt tight but good on the pull-up bar last night and cranked out 12 right away. Sets were smaller after that but that helped me get a big chunk right away. I managed to do all the OHS unbroken and so I was pretty happy with that. I got on the pull-up bar for my last 9 pullups at about 8:40 and was totally stoked thinking I could break 9 minutes. I had 3 pull-ups remaining when 9 minutes came and went. How sad. I brought this in in 9:11. Despite being sick, I PR'd. How disgusting is that. I went from a 9:37 to a 9:11. Disgusting. Makes me wonder what would have happned if I wasn't run down and sick.

The WOD itself is only half the fun of first Friday and so of course I stayed to social. I didn't drink because I was taking cold meds, but I still stayed and enjoyed all the great conversation. I loved hanging out with team 0515. Way to represent by opening, and closing, the doors of CFOT on First Friday! :) I can't wait til November! :)


Christine said...

I'm still mad at Soni for doing that. Negative moto should be reserved for where the positive doesn't.

Hang in there Katie. Sept's done and hopefully Oct will be full of lots of blue skies.

Sean said...

I didn't think of it as "negative moto." Actually, I didn't think of it as "moto" at all. But if you took it as such then I'll man up and apologize. I'm sorry for knocking you while you were down, Katie!