Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dead set!

Of all the things we do with a barbell, the deadlift seems to be my weakest movement. I'm never really sure of myself when it comes to deadlifts and I am always terrified of pulling out my back or doing something really nasty to myself. So, needless to say, anytime deads come up, I kind of bow my head and go to the box just because I know I need to to them.

I didn't really feel good, like, WOW! I feel awesome pulling today! But I felt ok. I felt like I was doing a better job of keeping my back flat then before, and so I felt like I was doing a better job. I pulled all the way up through 245 pretty easily, and for this being my weakness, I felt like that was pretty awesome. I pulled 255 with a little bit of an "eh" factor. You know, where there's a slight round but not enough to be concerned. So, I decided to go for a 265 pull. I got it up, but there was no denying the round. I watch the video and cringe. I really need to work more on driving out of my heels on the set up. In every video of my, my butt shoots up first, and then I pull. This of course greatly decreases your ability to pull. It feels awful because I never get to that leg shakey, giving out point. That's how I know it's a max, but I never get there. I always have a form fault before I can ever find out how high I can go. It's somewhat frustrating. But, having said that, I will continue to work on it. Perhaps next time we do a dl day, I will stay low and focus on driving off of my heels. I guess that should be my focus instead of all the heavy weight. With the better form, heavier weight will come. If you build it, they will come.... ;)

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Justa said...

You ARE talking about deadlifts here, right Katie? It's like it got hot in here all of a sudden!!

Keep at it. A 265 PR is nothing to sneeze at. Try to remember how it feels when you pull with good form, and just try duplicating that. Maybe go for some reps with a lighter weight and burn it into muscle memory.