Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Awwww...you wanted a little metcon, eh?

Ace Ventura 2 When Nature Calls, is a terrible god awful toilet humor kind of movie that makes me laugh hysterically anytime I happen to see it. At one point in the movie, there is a car chase through a jungle and Ace says "Oh, he wants to go off road!" Anyway, anytime I start a phrase with that long drawn out ohhhhhh... I think of that movie. Random? Absolutely, but this is ME we're talking about here. Anyhoooooo...

Not that I really wanted more metcon but given what my new set of goals is, I really do need it. Fewer strength days, more metcon. Ugh, what a sad thing to say. I don't like it. Why can't I have a like and don't like button on my blog like there is on Facebook? Just another random thought. Anyway, I hate the idea of doing more metcon, but it is most decidely a necessary evil. So, today was definitely another metcon smoker type of wod. Jerry named this "Fast and Furious" and it sure was.

It was another 21 15 9 (Jerry you really need to stop using those numbers... they are guilty by association!!!!!!) of Pull ups and hang clean and jerks. Now, Jerry threw in an added twist though because the pull-ups went down, but the clean and jerks went up. And after each round was a 400 M run. I have to say, I'm decent at pull-ups and jerks, and was sort of interested to see how this was going to play out. My first set of 21 pull-ups was a litle rusty. I haven't been on the pull-up bar in a few days, and they just didn't quite have the rhythm I wanted. Regardless, I hit a set of 15 and then two sets of 3 to bang them out quickly. I nailed my first 9 jerks without dropping the bar and was off for a run. On my first run, my shoe was untied and so I suffered a few second setback while I tended to my wardrobe malfunction.

Once that was taken care of, I was off chasing the boys down the street. From there, it was game on. With each round, I was able to make up a little bit of ground on the boys. The 15's were pretty smooth and a did a set of 10 pull-ups then 5. The jerks were done in sets of 5 and were a little rougher this time around. My run was slow and lethargic, but hey, I got it done. The last round, I tied all 9 pull-ups together and hit the bar for my 21 clean and jerks. I dropped more than I wanted to, but again, I hung in there. I was doing mostly sets of 4/5 and was able to actually PASS the boys on this part of the wod. I was out the door before anyone and for seriously the first time I think EVER, I finished first on a metcon WOD. I nearly peed my pants. I then proceeded to just about pass out outside in the brisk 40 degree whether. But man, that cold sidewalk felt so goooooood. I brought this in in 14:33. Not too shabby for a non-runner! :)

I just looked at the CFOT FB page and see tomorrow is another metcon with DU's and running. I guess it's time to suck it up and work the weaknesses huh? I'm almost regretting writing that post now! :P BTW... if you're not a fan of CFOT on FB, you might want to check it out. Jerry is really good about posting video of lifts and things, and there's always lots of CF chat and banter going around, including lots of great video footage from the Hopper Challenge. You don't have to be a member of CFOT to enjoy what there is to offer. That's the beauty of the internet! :) You can visit CFOT here!

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