Monday, January 11, 2010

Do the running man, do the running man...

Me and my brilliant ideas....

Outdoor temperature, a balmy 23 degrees. So what did I decide to do? Run of course!
Got on the under armour, the fleece zip up, the gloves, the CFOT knit hat, and of course the Oakleys I bought just for running (EEH! :) ) and away I went.

Warm Up (literally)
400 M run
Stretch (hammies, quads, calves, shins, hip flexers)

3 rounds- record times
run 1 mile
rest 4 minutes

Cool down
800 M run
Stretch (hammies, quads, calves, shins, hip flexers)

Holy really bad idea Batman! I mean, it was great to get a 5th WOD in this week, but MAN oh day! It was freakin' freezin' Mr. Biggleswarth! The wind by the water made this even worse. I ran this on the CFOT loop which connects to the Mount Vernon trail. Very pretty, but being next to a large(ish) body of water tends to be a little windy. Wind + 23 degrees equals, I think I lost my boobies. Anyway, I hit the miles in 9:16, 9:16, and 9:23. Not too darned shabby for a poor runner, and one who on top of being bad, hasn't been running at all lately. Just goes to show that CF can keep you in great shape. I was going to try to push four mile loops in, but the knees gave out.

One thing I learned when I was in my final soccer season in high school was that I have an imbalance in my legs because I have no arch in my foot. The muscles on the interior of my knee are weaker than on the outside because of the lack of an arch in my foot. This causes my knee cap to not ride in the groove where it should. It causes some bone on bone friction which, while not bad on short runs, becomes pretty darned painful after a few miles. This is exactly what hit me during my half marathon last year. I got to miles 8/9 and took some pain meds, only to be just about blinded with the ache when I got to about mile 11. It was sheer grit (and that whole I want my medal/shirt thing) that got me through. I think if I build up slowly and build a tolerance in my knees I will be ok, but it is certainly something I have to be aware of, especially since two of my three jobs involve me spending a lot of time standing.

This picture shows a pretty good example of what happens to my knee when I walk/run. You know, I don't wear insoles in my regular work shoes, now that I think about it... I should probably do that. (me = ingenius sometimes) Ingenius! :P Note to self, buy insoles for work shoes... oi vey! I'm a terd sometimes.

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