Saturday, January 30, 2010

So, what's your Fran time?

There is nothing I like less than Fran. I would prefer doing Murph, to Fran. Yes, Fran is short, and you tend to get her over with very quickly, but she is God awful. Actually, I lied. There is something I like less than Fran. Doing Fran after a 20 hour workday.

So, to say that I wasn't thrilled about getting up this morning and doing Fran is a bit of an understatement. Ok, a huge understatement. The kids swam well last night at our district meet, and I am proud of what they did, but at the same time, I didn't get home until 1130 last night, and going for 20 hours straight doesn't leave much in the tank.

We rampd up in 20 minutes to a session max on the front squat where I almost got 185, which really is nothing to sneeze at. But then we had to turn around and do Fran. I wasn't expecting a PR, and I didn't feel like I was in any place to give a PR effort, but I surprised myself a bit and got a PR today. Only by 2 seconds, but I guess as the CF video says, every second counts right? It just bummed me out to watch everyone else just pounding away at PR's and me be stuck where I am. I haven't really budged off that Fran time in almost 6 months. I've never been a speedy person, but I am feeling slower and slower these days. It's not a good feeling to have, and mentally not a good place to be.

Sorry for the non-upbeat post, but I'm not feeling very upbeat today.

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