Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DRINK MILK! (Squat deep!)

See.... I get so easily distracted.... oooooh something shiny!!!!! I promise when I stop getting distracted ooooh look! A kitty! CRAP! When I stop getting distracted I will update my blog from my last two wods and also my brilliant eating plan. :)

FOUND IT!!!!!!

You should have based on my obsession with knee high socks and shiny shoes that I am easily entertained and also therefore easily distracted. :P When life starts to go all balls to the wall again, I sometimes forget that I write a blog and that there are readers out there waiting (breathlessly) to read what I write. Ok, ok, so maybe you're not all waiting breathlessly ("Ok Brand, Michael Jackson didn't use the bathroom at my house.... but his SISTER did.") to read my writing, but still, I sometimes forget to update when things get busy.... but here I am! I remembered today!!! :P There is a video that goes with this title by the way, but you're going to have to let me find it.... that might take awhile...

Anyway, we did Back Squats X 5 on Tuesday, and I have to say, they didn't feel bad. I've missed all the BS wod's lately just by chance, and so I haven't back squatted in a good long while. I wasn't feeling particularly great, but I worked in with my boy Sean and moved some weight. I didn't PR, but I felt ok. I was really focusing on not collapsing, keeping my torso leaned forward and not straight up, and breathing. I know that sounds funny, but I have a bad habit of holding my breath for 3 reps then releasing. Not the way to go. Take my advice. I've almost done some stupid things cause I got lightheaded cause I didn't breathe. It's also better so that you can reset your "girdle". You know, that one you wear in your abs... oh yeah, those things, hiding behind all your Christmas cookies right now. Well at least mine are. Anyway, I felt like the squats I did were solid, not half stupid like usual because I'm so focused on going heavy. Felt weird to stay a little lower and get it right than to be strong like bull, but it also felt good. Gotta nail down the little form faults at some point so I can get stronger.

I will find the video which explains the drinking milk part... then you will understand...

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Justa said...

Google reader is my friend.

So...do you drink milk WHILE you squat?