Monday, January 4, 2010

Inter to the val training!

Now that I'm back at school... you're just going to have to wait patiently for my updates.... I said PATIENTLY!!! I know, funny, me asking you to be patient when I'm not a patient person at all. I do believe that is what they call IRONY. Or is that hypocracy?

So, let's see... where was I? Oh yes, waiting patiently. I never said how LONG you were going to have to wait. Just that you were going to have to! :P This wod was pretty gross man. I'm not going to lie. It seems Jerry has been throwin down some doozies lately. This was supposed to have a run, but since I'm not trying to get ill, I rowed out instead. It was more brutal I think to row, but I'm not sure the people who ran in the cold would agree. Regardless, it sucked either way.

4 rounds
90 seconds max clean and jerk
rest 90 seconds
400 M run (sub 90 seconds row)
rest 90 seconds

This sucked. 90 seconds of rowing is almost 500M for me. SUCK!!!! Cause that just, no. See!?!? It's so horrible I can't even string together complete sentences! So suffice to say, it was a good one. I walked about feeling totally gross, but it was good.

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