Saturday, January 9, 2010

Double whammy!

Does anyone remember this tv game show? No whammies now whammies!!! Stop! LOL.

Yesterday we had another double whammy, a two WOD day. We started by spending 20 minutes working up to a heavy single in the push press from behind the neck. I've never done this movement, so it felt a little ackward, but good to work. One of my form faults that Jerry has noticed is that if I lose a weight I'm typically not locked out completely. So it feels good to work that position and work on getting locked out, so that I can remember what it feels like during a max snatch or OHS. Anyway, I worked up to a heavy single at 125. My front press is 135 but to be honest, that dip WOD WRECKED my shoulders and I really wasn't feeling strong. So I'll take a 125 day.

The second WOD was 4 rounds for time. It was supposed to be a quick little burner metcon and it did the job. It was
4 rft
50 feet walking lunges w/ 25lb plate
12 pull-ups

I tried to go chest to bar on the pull-ups just to make things a little harder on myself and work on my range of motion. I had the height on all of them, but for some reasaon just couldn't get IN farther. I'm so far behind the bar that I can't get my chest in to touch. Again, another "Goat" to work on.... good thing 2010 is a longggg year. :P I hit this one in 8:16.

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T-hoe said...

Yea I remember that show.. sounds like a GREAT double Whammy Day !!