Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just clean it, just clean it, clean it, woo!

I like my version better than Michael's... it's got more flair... it must be the socks!!! My socks are way better than Michael's boring white ones... ha!

You can't deny it, I really do have better socks than Michael. I mean c'mon. He's got white, and I've got garden gnomes! And whales, and the pirate socks, and rainbows and argles, and.... and 'den.... NO AND THEN! Tehe. So ok for cereal, I'm not going to lie to you. This wod was freakin' awesome, but sucked at the same time. Because of work, I didn't go in the am class. Nada. Not gonna happen.
So I went to the night class. Correction, I went to the 5:15 class, realized I forgot my sports bra, drove home to get one in rush hour traffic, and just barely made it back for the 6:00 class. Melissa had just finished and Andrea was coachin', so I was chattin' with both of them and trying to decide what to use for the first wod. Your train of thought right now I know sounds like this "FIRST? What the crap does she mean by the first wod?"

I mean just that. There was more than 1 wod. The first part was a squat clean wod. Woot.

Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes
2 heavy squat cleans 80-90% of your 1rm

To be honest, I don't pull as well off the floor as I do from the hang, so I was thinking for me that 120-125 would be a good range for me to aim for. Melissa told me I should go 140, and then Andrea said something similar. I pulled 130 pretty easily and tried 135. It went up ok, so I decided to go with 135. Dang yo. That's 24 pretty freakin' heavy squat cleans. No lie, it was a struggle by about round 8/9. I was fighting to get a few of them up. I got up on my toes as my form started to go because I was gettin' tired, but I got 'em all. That felt pretty good. Not quite as good as the second wod though.

The second wod had a 15 minute time limit. So in 15 minutes

3 RFT with 15 minute cut off
20 back extensions
30 OHS with PVC
40 Anchored sit-ups

First off, when was the last time any of us did anchored sit-ups. Secondly, OHS? Awesome. Third, back extensions suck poopy, but you know, for three rounds, ok. I felt like I was really flying on this one. I really did. I busted through this, at least, well busted for me. And to be fair, my bustin' this day was pretty close to the bustin' of a few of our serious metcon ninjas. I felt pretty good about that. I hit this in 13:17, well before the 15 minute cut off. I was really happy with that. I think I'm finally starting to figure out hwo to push through that barrier when I feel tired. I'm not automatically starting to rest, but I am trying to push through for a few more reps. It feels good. Still a long way to go, but you know, I was happy with this one overall.

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