Sunday, June 8, 2008

A CrossFit Old Town benchmark... and a BBQ! Woot!

Jerry. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. What can I say about the man? Sometimes I think he is very sadistic. :) Like when he writes up workouts like the one we hit today. Andrea informed us after the fact today that 75 snatches alone is a CrossFit benchmark workout called Randy. Interesting. Because here's what our fun looked like today:

Warm up
2 quick rounds 5 reps-Snatch

For time
75 Barbell Snatch
75 Barbell Thruster
Pro women-55
Pro men-75
Scale as needed

Now, Jerry did let us partition these, so it really looked like this
Of course it was back and forth. 12 snatches, 12 thrusters etc. But seriously, this was just brutal. I brought this one in in 18:41. I can't remember (sans yesterday which doesn't count because that was strictly heat related) the last time I actually sweat that much. I was covered. I knew from the get go that this one was going to suck, and rightfully so it did but there were some seriously steller performances. Especially round 3. Wait for the photos later folks, but Gar and Supersport went head to head as the only 2 left to hit the WOD. It was a flurry, to use Jerry's words. The two of them were awesome. Supersport is consistantly one of our top performers and to see Gar step up and finish before him today was amazing. It truly is a testament to all of Gar's hard work. He has an amazing story, and Jerry has some before and after photos of him up on our site, and his progress is steller. You should really go see Gar's story. This is from March, but I'm sure you can imagine how he has continued to progress. Gar is one of my most loyal readers and I love working out with him at 0600 everyday! :) Way to go Gar! You really rocked out today! Speaking of rocking out, so did Stacy and Andrea who were the fastest two women on the day. Kara with a K was really rockin out today and had some solid form too. Robin did a great job with her form today too and came through strong as well. James and Stewart gave some gutsy performances at the end today. They refused to give up and got 'er done. I'm sure I missed someone, so I'm sorry, but these were the highlights of the day just from the top of my head. Oh! Laura! She was my awesome partner today! I love working out with her! :) What a good workout today!

Now, also to post up is the news that the BBQ has been decided! It's going to be this Friday (the 13th... woooooooo! :P ) at my place. If you don't know where it is, email me and I'll be glad to help you out. (use the email link folks) We'll start when you're done with work (5ish) and go until you feel like leaving. :) We will have toys and some whiffleball will ensue. :) People today asked what they can bring. Like before, I'll be providing some staples. Kabobs (I know you've all been waiting for them) veggies, lunch meats, some fruit, and lots of water. If you want to bring something to add to the party, please feel free. I'm not sure what everyone likes to drink, so please feel free to bring your beverage of choice. We do have MANY more Zoners now than before, so Zone friendly is probably preferred but certainly not required.

***Side note... one thing I am lacking on is space to sit. We have the whole yard to play in out back, but I only have two chairs with my patio table. If you have a pop up chair, you may want to bring it. :)

Now, I know there are some Fairfax and DC CrossFitters who read on a pretty regular basis. If you want to come down and see how we do things at CFOT ( ;) ), feel free to get in touch and give me a holler. I've heard from some of you before, so feel free to connect with our affiliate in a fun way.

BTW, this is like my 5th post in 2 days... so feel free to go back and get caught up! :P LOL... gotta love my mindless ramblings!!! :)


Splint Chesthair said...

Snatches and thrusters together? Wow, just thinking about it makes my shoulders twitch.

Katie said...

Oh Splint believe me... this one hurt...

Jerry Hill said...

Jump, pull, and dive to Overhead...
Jump and punch to Overhead...


Jerry Hill said...

...Should be jump, shrug, DIVE!

Killed it Katie!

Tami said...

Nice! I might have to try this one tonight.

Brad said...

Oh my - a killer workout.

Jerry! That's about like her pyramids!

Katie said...

Brad, I'm pretty sure I should take that as a compliment... Tami... you should give this a go... this one is a "gasser" ;)

Katie said...

Thanks for the compliment Jerry. This one really hurt today. I had a hard time burnin' through this.

Robin said...

Thank you for the shout out, Katie. I've been working on my form.

Katie said...

Robin it was great work! Congrats to all your hard work! You deserve the shout out! :)