Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Handstand push-ups, L-sit chins, and a sneaky little workout...

Woooo boy. I didn't realize it until I went in this morning just how sore my traps were. Holy cow. Apparently cleaning 120 lbs will put a whoopin' on ya. Whoda thunk it? But for cereal... Jerry had us get out some bars this morning, but then had us warm-up with some handstand practice and also some L-sit work for about 20 minutes. I cannot under any circumstances do a strict chin. I can't do it. I don't have the strength to lift my own body weight. It sucks, but I'm working on it. So I kipped up and worked on the negative. I was pretty surprised at how high I was able to kip. Jerry got a shot of me and my shoulders were actually over the bar and I held the L for about 10-15 seconds. I was pretty stoked with that. That's no small feat.

With handstands though, I have no problem getting to active shoulder and holding a pretty good line against the wall, but I have the same problem with the handstand that I have with the L-sit. My weight is too much for me to lift. Now, I've lost about 15 lbs... ok, it's probably still closer to 17 but I'm going based on what the scale said today... and today it wasn't friendly. But anyway, I've lost about 17 lbs, but I still can't lift my own bodyweight. I get close to the floor and it's like I freeze. I'm so terrified of falling on my head that my arms lock up and I just can't get down. I need to work it so I can get used to hitting the floor, so when I then do a full one, I don't panic. So, HSPU's are still on the goal list. As are my 20 chins, but those are getting preeeettty darned close. I'm at 16 right now, and I think I have more in me. I lost my grip on 16. Tomorrow maybe I'll ask if we can hit a set of max chins... ;) Before we hit the circuit though, Jerry yelled that we had a minute and half left. Gar got the idea to challenge me to a handstand contest. Look at this picture. Who do you think won?

However, after the handstand contest, my shoulders were fried, and boy was I ticked! :P CURSE you GAR!:P So anyway, from there we hit the WOD. Today's fun looked like this.

3 rounds for time
15 reps across the board
Kettlebell swing (35 so I could go overhead)
Box jumps
Push presses (65)

Oh, and PS, I did this with an 8 lb weight vest on... :) First one since my birthday. It was actually not too horrific. The burpees with a weight vest were hard becuase the vest was interferring with my range of motion, and cause my shoulders hurt, and cause burpees are just well, ew. Brought this one in under 15, 14:59. ;) Doesn't get closer than that folks. :) This was a good workout for me today. Bar work, handstand work, and a weight vest. We finished with some OEW, Optimal Extra Work. 100 perfect situps, not timed, on an ab mat. I am going to hurt a lot tomorrow. I'm traveling back to PA tomorrow morning to visit with my grandfather, and spend some time with some family, and HOPEFULLY some people I haven't seen in awhile if the schedules allow. I hope they allow. :) So basically, I may be off the radar, but don't fret. I might not. I may do a few CrossFit style workouts at the globo gyms back home in Central PA to see what kind of stuff I can stir up. :) It has potential folks to be a lot of fun... :) hehehe...

*In this picture I am silently telling myself in my head how much I love burpees... clearly from the expression on my face... my delight with them is clear... :P


georgia said...

Sometimes I think to myself, "could this web address BE any longer?" And then I think of Chandler Bing and it makes me happy again.

As for the HSPU...in that pic of your handstand, you've gotta work on getting rid of that butt out, S-curve. Think about a gymnast on the bars. He/She's straight up and down. Tuck your butt under and squeeze a penny in your cheeks. If you did that OH position with a barbell you'd kill your back. Active shoulder, to me, means that the whole body is tight and activated. In only mention it because I want to see you get your HSPU...and we are in a race to see who gets it first. My money is on you since you are stronger. Besides that, WAY TO WIN the contest!!!

I challenge you to a free-standing handstand contest...tomorrow...oh, wait, you won't be there. Ok...the next time I see ya...

BlessedBy3JDCs said...

Hey Kate..

You just keep working at it and you'll get your chin ups! You're awesome girl! You're strong and getting stronger.
Way to go on the challenge! Keep showing the guys whose boss ;)


Brad said...

That was a lot of work in one day!

Traps sore after cleans = you're doing something right.

Katie said...

Georgia... that picture was of the contest... I won't lie... I wasn't thinking a bloody bit about my form... I just wanted to beat Gar's butt... ;)

Angela, thanks for the encouragement. I think I may have been more than Gar could handle. He was MIA today... ;)

Brad, it was indeed a lot of work for one day! But... then again, when isn't CrossFit a lot of work in one day? ;)

Jerry Hill said...

You like the timing of that picture with Gar?

Gotta love it!

Katie said...

I like that it shows me beating his pants! ;)