Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mr CrossFit Getaway to Chicago Day 4: Shedd Aquarium plus I miss my flight

Ah yes... it was inevitable. I got behind this week and haven't had an opportunity to post day 4 of the Chicago trip. People this morning were asking about Day 4. I hope you can forgive me. I'm sorry for failing you... :(

Well, needless to say, after Day 3 and the incident at the bus stop sign, I was not ready to rip and tear on Monday morning. I stayed in bed for a little while until Tanya called. Then I hopped the train to meet up with her. We headed out to Shedd Aquarium which was a ton of fun. As you can see by the photos, Tanya and I had ourselves a blast! After that we took a little trip uptown to go get some Chicago style pizza. After all, how could I be in Chicago and not try the pizza? :) So Tanya took me to one of her favorite spots, and had me some deep dish Chicago style pizza. Now, sadly you can't hear my voices that I was using as I said Chicago, but imagine me with a very funny accent! :P

I have to say, I really liked the dough on the Chicago style pizza (we all know I'm a HUGE fan of bread... which is why I'm NOT allowed to keep it in the house) but I wasn't such a fan of the sauce. Just my preference, but the shop used a sweeter pizza sauce, whereas my tastebuds and their delicate sensitivities (*snicker*) like marinara style sauces. What can I say? I'm a wee bit traditional. :P So Tanya and I stuffed ourselves silly on pizza and cheesy garlic bread (no this meal was not Zone friendly... it was the only one in Chicago though! Cut me a little slack... :P) before attempting to walk back to the hotel. I say attempting because I was in that place where you are so stuffed that the only thing you can call is "food coma." You know, where you eat and immediately fall asleep? I really wanted to, but I had a train to catch to get to the airport. So we got my bag from the hotel and headed for the train. Tanya walked me to the Blue Line and it was a very bittersweet parting. I had a TERRIFIC time in Chicago and was sad to leave, but at the same time, I was ready to be in my own bed and with my CFOT crew. Aww... :) I heart you guys....

Well, the train had several stops before O'Hare, and as time crept by I was getting more and more nervous about missing my flight. It took the train almost an hour to get to O'Hare. I hauled ass through the airport, trying to get to the United counter, which of course was in terminal 1, all the way across the flippin airport, and of course also had the longest line. I finally go to the counter to check in, and it wouldn't let me. It said I was too late. I started to panic and waved the woman over, who promptly told me that baggage check ends 45 minutes before take-off. My flight left at 6:00. It was 5:21. Of all the ****(**#&@)@A_A*@*#& So, she sent me to another really long line, and there I stood for more time, trying to be patient. Well, I finally got to the counter and the dude was all, well I can confirm you but you're going to have to pay. Well, I didn't have a sub scheduled for Tuesday and I needed to get home, and there wasn't another later flight, so... paying up it was. Damnit. By this point it was after 6 and the later flight was leaving at 7. So I hauled backside through security and made it to gate with 15 minutes to spare until boarding. Seriously... I really was aggravated with United. Yes I realize I should have been earlier, but who has 3 attendents working? Eesh... apparently I have enjoyed the joys of flying... :P

Anyhoo, I finally got to board, and the flight back was pretty smooth.... until drink service. I didn't get a drink before on the plane because I didn't want to have to get out of my seat to use the bathroom. Well this time I was still not feeling so hot, so I got a Cranapple juice. No sooner did the flight attendant serve me, that we hit turbulance. Not the shimmy and shake kind, the kind that drops you a few feet before the plane catches. I had all my report cards out frantically bubbling them in, and thinking that if I spill my juice on these I'm so dead. Thankfully, I didn't spill a drop, but the guy who was yapping about Fairfax County schools the entire was back from Chicago was covered in hot coffee. That was a little bit of revenge for me... ;)

We finally hit down and I spent 20 minute in baggage claim looking for me bag before they announced that they had told us the wrong carousel for our baggage. So then I had to go to another one. Thankfully it was there, and I immediately headed for the cabs. I was going to metro then cab (cheaper) but I just wanted to get home. I finally got home just shy of 11, and I was exhausted, but very happy. Overall it was a great weekend and it's hard to believe that it was over a week ago already, but it's not the last time I'll see Chicago. I'm pretty confident that Tanya misses me... and will be begging me to come back soon! :) Tehehehe. And ladies and gentleman, this concludes my CrossFit Getaway to Chicago. Thank you for flying on the Katie Express. ;)


georgia said...

I wish I'd known y'all were going to the Shedd Aquarium on Monday! I could have left you a secret gift or note somewhere since our reception was at that same aquarium the night before...yes, they shut the whole place down for us and it was AWESOME!

Katie said...

That sounds really cool! I took lots of pictures of the aquarium, but I figured people didn't want to look at 30 pictures of fish, so I didn't post them up. It was a really pretty place. I wish I would have known you were going the night before... it could have been our little secret... ;)