Saturday, June 28, 2008

I feel like a waste of space... plus I hate cars...

So today I woke up, and despite the miserable heat and humidity decided that I really needed to go for a run. Baltimore is coming fast, and although my countdown has been down for a few days, I'm pretty sure that I'm down to right around 100 days. Well, there is a beautiful spot south of Alexandria where I like to run called the Dyke Marsh. Yes, I realize the connotation but hush or I'll kick you. (yes I'm feeling fiesty today... read on to find out why... )

Anyhoo, I did my usualy walk to the first mile marker, which is just a little over a half mile, and then started to run. When I bought my new running shoes last week, I also purchased the Nike+ ipod, which I have to say is very helpful. With the chip in my shoes, I no longer have to worry about relying on mile markers to help me and I actually really enjoy the information I was able to get from it. Anyway, the chip told me the mile marker is actually .6 of a mile, so I was just about right. So, at the mile marker, I started to jog. Well, it didn't take me long until I was absolutely spent, I mean literally. I felt like there were lead bricks in my stomach and my legs just didn't want to move. Chris spent a little bit of time yesterday after the workout going over Pose techniques, and I swear I really tried hard to lean forward, but my running felt horrible. After a little over a half mile I stopped to walk. Walk? Walk? Seriously? Yeah, I know. I've mentioned that I've felt like Poo this week, but seriously a half mile? I was trainwrecked. All around me there were men and women with the baby strollers, you know what I mean, where they run and push the buggy thing... they were PASSING me. Talk about not good for the self-esteem. I just felt deflated. I turned around and headed back for the car.

I just didn't have it in me today. I felt awful, I couldn't breathe, no human should sweat nearly as much as I was... I quit. Plain and simple, I quit on myself today. I ran most of the way back, and actually wound up finishing, according to the very LOVELY woman on my I-pod who talks to me, with 2.41 miles. My goal today was to RUN 3. I walked ran less than that. Boo. According to her, my average time was 14:30, which I suppose given that I was walking parts of it, is truly not that terrible. But I just felt rotten that I could not meet my goal today. Well, after I left the marsh, I headed out to help my sister move. I wanted to stop at Old Navy on the way back because they were having their sail on on flip flops (only $1) and so I stopped. Well, after browsing for about an hour, I went out to my car to head home since I have to be at work soon. Well, guess what. I turned the key, and nothing. I got a clicking noise that sounded like me taking something plastic against bicycle spokes. No turning over, nothing. So there I was trapped at Old Navy. Luckily my roommate came to get me and bring me home, and luckily I'm still inside the 3 year warranty on my car.

So, I called roadside assistance and the very nice lady sent a tow my way. Unfortunately they are towing it to the dealership, and I could not wait for them to come, so I had to give them my plate number etc. This means that I will be without a car until at least Monday. I'm not happy about this. I'm also not happy that I called the dealership and tried to tell them what was going on and they kicked me to someone's voicemail. This is why I stopped going to that dealership when I needed work done on my car. I always talked to someone's voicemail. Grr... so all in all, it has not been a great day. I did get my flip flops though. That's always a plus... :(


Lars said...

If it is of any comfort I hate cars too. They are truly the spawn of Voldemort. Don't let the running bother you, there'll always be off days!

Jerry said...

this might be appropriate..

"Hey dude. Remember you’re human. Sometimes your body just needs a break. Sometimes we all struggle with that because we just want to keep going and keep getting better but your body needs that rest time just as much as it needs the workout time. Don’t fret. Just bring the pain the next day."

sound familiar???

a bad workout used to ruin my whole day. now i just chalk it up to ya win some, and ya lose some. no worries.

and good effort on the badger yesterday. i've done it once and finished in a pretty slow 31+ minutes, so your time was great!!

and did you check my site today? i didn't even finish the workout. i was 3/4 through the first round and seriously messed up my hip. when you crossfit for any length of time, you're bound to have bad days and some injuries.

plus running sucks.

Katie said...

Jerry, I have no idea who would ever have said such a thing...

Thanks for kicking my ass dude...