Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some interval training at CrossFit Old Town...

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So this morning, I hopped out of bed and skipped the whole way to CrossFit with a smile on my face, ready to get me some pain for breakfast. Eh, well that's sort of how it happened. It really went more like. I fell out of bed, stumbled bleary eyed into the bathroom, managed to throw on some matching clothes and got to CrossFit without injuring anyone. The morning was a success! :P When I got to the Blue Room this morning, I was a little, oh how shall we say... SORE?! Geezo peezo. Angie and her 100 push-ups really put a whoopin on my shoulders. I was fried. So when Jerry told us what we were doing, I was a little skeptical. Skeptical, no. Leery? No. Downright thinking I was going to die? Yes. There it is.

Now, see this is odd for me, because normally I love cleans. But today, I really just wasn't feeling the mojo working and I was really kind of terrified of the set. Now, mind you, clean and press sounds easy. *snicker snort guffaw* Yeah well, easy this...

:30 work X 3 rounds clock never stops
shuffle splits
wall ball

:30 work X 3 rounds clock never stops
jumping jacks
KB high pull (35)

Interval training
2:00 minutes you go/partner goes power clean to a push press
X 6 rounds

Jerry leveled this up and set up a pro, pack, and porch weight. Jerry "encouraged" me to go pro at 85, so of course I did. Wow. Wow wow wow. Did I ever eat pain for breakfast. These hurt. Over the course of all 6 rounds I was able to maintain double digits, which I was happy with. But I felt like a nerd listening to some of the other people's numbers. My total was only 73, and they were all way above me. Karen was an awesome partner to work in with. She's really motivating and she's really on when she gives you cues. Georgia today, holy balls. Keturah too. Freakin' cranking out reps like it's nobody's business. Wow. They put in some awesome work.

In truth, I think these felt so awful because I was sore already, but I also noticed that the higher reps I reached, the softer my lock out got. I really had to think about driving the weight up and locking out my arms. There were a few close calls where I wasn't sure if the barbell was going to come crashing down on my head or not. I'm sure had that happened Jerry would have taken a picture of it for you all to enjoy.

Well, as I sit and type, my eyese are drooping and it's past my bedtime.... Day 4 will come tomorrow... :P

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