Friday, June 6, 2008

Jerry's famous CrossFit "gassers"....

Usually when we hear the word "gas" it's not used in a pleasant form. Usually someone is discussing bodily functions that you really don't want to think or hear about. But after working out with Jerry, the word "gas" has taken on a whole new meaning. Especially when he alters the word by adding a suffix and turning it into an noun like "gasser". (Is my teacher showing? I'm sorry... :P) Whenever Jerry starts talking about "gassers" I know that whatever he has in store is going to hurt.

We started today by warming up with some quick work on the front squat. If I thought Angie and her push-ups had put a whoopin on me, I was totally wrong. This morning I hurt. Just ached. My shoulders and especially my traps were just sore and achy all over. Those clean and presses that we did while I was still sore from Angie really took the wind out of my sails. Not to mention, I gave myself a whole ton of bruises by cracking the bar into my collar bone. Getting the front squat into the rack today hurt like no other. There's a reason you don't touch bruises. Yeah, duh! They hurt! :P But nonetheless, I showed up to work this morning, and work was just what Jerry had in store. Today's fun looked like this...

2 X 5 front squat

First WOD
Front squats (85)
Ring dips (double floss)

Second WOD
KB swings (45)
Jumping lunges

One the first circuit, I felt like utter and total poo. Like I said, just keeping the bar in the rack hurt like a son of a gun. Then ring dips... oof. Ring dips are a gasser. I wasn't very speedy, but nonetheless, got 'er done. I hit this one in in 9:56 I think.

I have been having some trouble lately getting off the 35lb kettlebell for swings. 35 for me is relatively easy. Kettlebell swings are not my bread and butter and I do struggle with them when we do high volume, but the 35 goes over head very easily for me. I've just been having trouble going up in weight. I'm not sure if my hips are not strong enough or what the deal is, but when I jump to the 45 I have a really difficult time. Well, today I did pro level on the first set, and I figured I needed to step the weight up for the second set. I've only ever really swung the 45 a couple times in circuits, and so today was a bit of an experiment for me. I was able to get the 45 to eyelevel, but I just can't take it overhead. I'm not comfortable enough, and I think I'm lacking on the hip snap that I need to really get it up there. I'm sure that the 45 will get easier if I keep picking it up, but the problem is, I need to keep picking it up. :P Regardless, I did do a whole bunch of KB swings with a 45 today if you add them all up. 83 if I'm counting right. Which it's entirely possible that I'm not.... :P

The second circuit was in in 8:24 I think. Leslie smoked this thing in like 4 minutes. She is freakin' rediculous. Speaking of ridiculous... holy freakin' balls dude. I looked at the numbers from yesterday. Stacey use 85 and absolutely crushed me. She did 22 reps on like every round, and Georgia was posting 20's each round too. Balls! I work out with some A-T-H-L-E-T-E-S!

Got off topic for a second... sorry about that... but back to the topic of gas. Yes... Jerry has accurately described these workouts. Afterwards, I had no "gas" left in my tank. I was "gassed" and unable to move. Jerry's little "gassers" are aptly named... and therefore... aptly disliked... :P

"If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting."
~ Jerry Hill (the living legend himself...)


Tami said...

Speaking of gassers...

I my tae-kwon do sparring class I was working with a 7 year old girl. She's about three feet tall, and cute as a button. We were sparring and she kept lifting her leg like she was going to kick, but then she just held it up in the air. After about the third or fourth time I asked her what in the world she was doing. She grinned and said "I'm sending you some hot gassers!" I sniffed cautiously -- yes indeed, she was sending me and everyone else in the room some "gassers."

I guess when you are half the size of your opponent you use whatever weapon you can, including chemical warefare.

Katie said...

Tami, that is absolutely hilarious! Nothing like some SBD's... :) Gotta love little kids!

Jerry Hill said...


Katie said...

LOL... Jerry I'm glad you like your "gassers".... ;)